The Great Influencer Debate…

My 2 cents on a pretty interesting argument (which btw is a lot less than I would’ve been paid if this post was #sponsored owwww)

Verge Magazine

Your girl Yinka Bokinni (me lol) has been featured in Verge Magazine *BIG SMILES*

A Happier New Year

A mini-guide to resolving this New Year By Yinka Bokinni (lol obviously)

Bad Brunch

Yinka’s Bad Brunch So what else have I been up to? If you follow me on any of the many social media platforms you will know that Β I have recently started trying my hand at evennnnts.

7 Things I Tell Myself Everyday

The good, bad and the ridiculous Recently I have been struggling a little, not with things to write about or ideas. No that isn’t the issue, my issue is that I have ideas, loads, constantly, throughout the day. I write them everywhere; in my diary, in the notes in my phone, Microsoft word (lol) but…


Casual I love Sundays in London (I am aware that today is Monday and therefore me telling you that I love Sundays may seem a bit random), the reason I love Sundays is because the busiest places are oddly still. Sunday is the one day that things slow down a bit, and not only do…

I Love Love & Basketball

So I am going to tell you something which is going to make you feel incredibly old, are you ready for it?… It is 15 whole earth years since Love & Basketball was released! Yeah I know, it cant be! Impossible! It was just yesterday! No guys I am telling you it has been 15…