THE REVIEW: What A Time To Be Alone

Last year my New Years Resolution was to read a book a month. 50 books & 18 months later I think it is time to start sharing what I know. Welcome to The Review! A new monthly feature on the blog letting you know what I think of things (proofs in the title)

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Hello! And welcome to the first in a series of ‘catch-up’ posts here on my blog. I said after posting my Blitz Collaboration that I would tell you what I have been up to in the months that I have been neglecting my DotCom.

Short Story: Carol

I thought I would try something new on my blog and that new thing ended up being writing a short story..  Carol:   They keep showing her pictures, pictures of her bedroom only it looks different, pictures of him only he looks different too, how is she supposed to concentrate when this room is so…