A little while ago I did something that I have wanted to do for the longest time. I did a TEDx talk, more importantly it was a TEDxPeckham. To say I was gassed is a ridiculous understatement (I actually said it during my talk and I regret this lol). I decided recently to start speaking…

Hashtag DoYou

This is just a quick post celebrating something that I hope you know (by now atleast) I believe in. Puma have dropped a new line of clothes and they’re great, but this isn’t about where you can buy the range (JD Sports) but really it is about the hashtag that accompanies this new line. #DoYou…

FAQ’s (kinda)

Hi (: I get asked a lot of question on the various social media platforms that we are all a bit partial to so I thought that it would be good to put it all together in a cheeky post. Also I got a bunch of new swimwear from Ann Summers and wanted an excuse…

Cheeky Hair Tutorial

So as a ‘well done for your blog turning three’ gift to myself I decided to update my website to be able to upload videos!!! Over the years I have tried to start-up and maintain a YouTube channel to no avail (big shouts to you if you subscribe and I am sorry)  I don’t know what…

Verge Magazine

Your girl Yinka Bokinni (me lol) has been featured in Verge Magazine *BIG SMILES*

Saturday Sass

So if you follow me on Instagram you will know that the title of this blog is touch inaccurate because I actually took these photos yesterday (naughty Yinka) but here we have a quick lil outfit that I put together, posted up against a graffiti covered wall (because I am just sooo cool) to sass up…

My 20’s: A Few Thing’s I Have Learned

What a weird title for a blog post… I had a birthday, the other day. Have you ever noticed that when you say ‘the other day’ the time span could actually be anywhere between yesterday and the day you were born?!

[Give Away] Depop x Converse

Hello there! Ok so I have teamed up with Depop & Converse on a very special project, the final product isn’t actually ready yet (once it is I will be sharing it with ya) but I can share a few things now because I am giving some stuff away!

Tassel Tuesday

Afternoon (: Its a very dreary Tuesday and I am sitting here in my PJ’s and dressing gown feeling a little bit down at the fact that it would seem that the sun did not rise today.

A Happier New Year

A mini-guide to resolving this New Year By Yinka Bokinni (lol obviously)

A Lil Sparkle For Ya

Alriiiiight here it is! What you have been waiting foooooor (I assume) Let me set the scene; There is on a day until New Years and you’re still looking for things to wear?