The Great Influencer Debate…

My 2 cents on a pretty interesting argument (which btw is a lot less than I would’ve been paid if this post was #sponsored owwww)


I have another story to tell…

THE REVIEW: Nappily Ever After

This month we step away from books for a second to talk about a brand new Netflix movie (which is adapted from a book so kinda like reviewing a book but not because I am reviewing the movie)

Mrs Motivator

Baby I can be your motivation…Literally because here are 5 things that help me crack on with work when I REALLY DON’T WANNA!

THE REVIEW: Slay In Your Lane

Welcome back to THE REVIEW! For the second instalment I thought I would delve back into the world of non-fiction and pick up a book that has had everyone talking for the last few months!

Dance Trends..

& why they must end… Let me start by saying you can miss me with the Dougie.. MISS MEEEEE

THE REVIEW: What A Time To Be Alone

Last year my New Years Resolution was to read a book a month. 50 books & 18 months later I think it is time to start sharing what I know. Welcome to The Review! A new monthly feature on the blog letting you know what I think of things (proofs in the title)