THE REVIEW: The Guilty Party

We are in the midst of a heatwave here in London (or at least we were when I started writing this but then, well… The heatwave distracted me) which means the parks/ beaches/ any bench anywhere are full of people sitting, eating and of course reading. I think I may have just found your next fave summer read.

On a night out, four friends witness a stranger in trouble. They decide to do nothing to help. Later, a body washes up on the banks of the Thames – and the group realises that ignoring the woman has left blood on their hands….

When I first cracked this book open, and I mean “cracked” quite literally because I have a habit of bending the spines of new books until I hear that satisfying little crunch. I am sorry if it’s weird, I can’t help it and it is one of my favourite things about getting my hands on a new book.
I have digressed majorly; when I first started reading this book I wasn’t completely convinced, on of my pet peeves in storytelling is multi-perspective writing. I prefer one or none personally but I persevered and I am pretty glad I did.
What starts off as a pretty shaky read both in writing style and story building actually ends up being something that became quite *cringe word alert* thrilling.
It took me a while to get stuck into the story which switches perspectives and flicks back and forth through time pretty much by the chapter which at first was pretty frustrating.
Once I got used to the choppy nature of the book, the story unfolds in a very satisfying way and there are plenty of twits and turns to keep you with it almost til the end.
I say almost because there is one glaring issue I had with this book, one that i can’t omit in the write up; the main character. At least I think she is the main character anyway.

The thing about novels; the main guy HAS to be likeable or at the very least you need to able to understand/ respect them but not Cassie. She is quite frankly a little bit annoying and her motives are more than a touch questionable and I am not sure if that was deliberate. Another thing about her is that she is boring; of course it is great for a book to give us a touch of reality but she is mun-bloody-dane and I found myself wanting to get through her chapter quickly so I could get back to the good bits. She has a lot of chapters.
That isn’t to say I didn’t like this book, I actually love it and have recommending it to a few friends before even beginning this review, I just don’t like Cassie. That could be personal which in turn would make this book wicked because it has me feeling like she is someone I know, I can practically see her right now and she is BO-RING.

Part of me was a little worried at talking about yet another book that I enjoyed on my blog because this segment is becoming more of “an ode to the things I love” but I promise you these reviews are in fact impartial. I have just been pretty lucky with my book selections thus far (and none of the authors have paid me, I doubt they even know I do these) and long may it continue! (Here is hoping I haven’t jinxed it lol)
In true Yinka style I refuse to ruin the book for you, I can only tell you to expect to feel tense, concerned and at certain time down right confused. But don’t for one second think the story is going to end either the way you want nor planned.

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