Self Care Is More Than Just A Bubble Bath…

It really is…

I feel like “self-love or care or whatever you want to put after the dash” is a bit of a buzzword at the moment. And whilst I do think that the more of us that speak about it, the more people will realise the importance of looking after yourself. I also think that it is so easy to completely bullshit your way through instagram captions and boomerangs of a nice bubble-bath while at the same time not doing anything to actually care for yourself at all. And I must admit it that when it comes to a subject such as this I am GUILTY-AS-HELL.

I have lost count of the amount of times I have stressed the importance of LOOKING AFTER YOURSELF; I have written lists, lengthy captions, blog after blog and dedicated days on instagram stories trying to encourage you to look after you. But that is my point, I was convincing YOU not me.
I know this may come as a shock to you (especially if you only follow me on instagram for the selfies) but for the last 7 years or so I have been in pretty much constant pain. Not the “read my words and feel immediately sorry for me” kind of pain, but the slow, annoying, always there and not quite sure what is wrong kind of pain and I just chalked it up to my job (radio presenters tend to hunch over the mics and stick their necks out like pigeons trying to catch bread crumbs in Trafalgar Square) and other 21st century habits we have picked up (curving our backs over desks & phones and every other bad-posture-inducing bit of technology that exists) I accepted it and continued with my life regardless of the very obvious signs that something was up.
When I finally took the time to discover what was wrong (scoliosis) and began getting the help I desperately needed, I realised just how little I was actually looking after me.

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I am the kind of person who waits until the very last minute before changing something. I will wait until my phone screen is no longer functional before I fix the cracks, until every light in the house is off before I begin changing the bulbs, and until I am a medical emergency before seeking help. It is a life-long habit that throwing some Radox in the tub with a face mask on, although feeling great; does not fix. It is good to be busy, and even better being busy doing the things you love but all of the excuses (being swamped at work, not being able to take time off of work and oh yep not wanting to turn down work) kinda fall short when it comes to making sure that YOU are ok. That I am ok.

This post is written for the people like me, who think that other stuff takes precedence over your health or your well being. It doesn’t. I am not your mum, I am not here to tell you that its better to sort something before it gets worse, that prevention is better than cure. Although your mum has a point.
It seems to me like the things we miss out on posting online; the Dr’s appointments, the check ups, the REAL time-off (not the holiday you booked to get instagram content) are the bit that we should really be paying a little bit more attention to in real life.

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I know that it is difficult, we live in a world where we have to constantly prove to others that we are worthy of their follow, I am sorry to put it so crassly but it is true. Whilst I doubt that me, Yinka, in 600 or so words can have an effect on that as a whole (and by doubt I mean its impossible and I am not even trying) I do think there is something in giving you a little reminder to look after your biggest fan, the one who has been there shooting in the gym and will be there long after Twitter becomes obsolete; You

Yinka x

3 thoughts on “Self Care Is More Than Just A Bubble Bath…

  1. I think your proper right there Yinkdaddy it is so easy to get caught in life and not realise that without your health you can’t even do the things you dream of
    Well said πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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