My friends know that I have a pet peeve. I won’t be annoying and make you guess I will just spit it out
You know what really grinds my gears???? The announcements of announcements on social media, I can’t stand it and it drives me mad. Example “OMG I cant wait to tell you what I am doing and I will do so on Monday at 6pm”
Just tell us on Monday, unless you are dropping a joint album with BeyoncΓ© herself then just tell us on Monday, please. I promise we can wait.

Maybe I have started this post a little too heavy, lets begin again:
I know and understand the pressure, part of the reason I have probably been a bit lax in liking your pics on insta recently is because I actively try not to spend time scrolling anymore (self love and that) but I am also trying to stop the urge to announce every moment in my life, because everyone else seems to have things to talk about everyday and of course I must seem just as booked and just as busy as you guys.
I think it is a bad habit, I think that it is pressure filled and I also think that life is supposed to be about peaks and troughs. Highs and lows. Busy times and times to stretch your foot and relax.
If you are spending everyday trying to look like you have upped your levels and prove (to who exactly?) that you are doing well, when do you get the time to actually do the things you are proclaiming you are doing, when do you get the time to do the work and most importantly; enjoy the fruit? It seems to me like we are so focused on announcing the NEXT thing that the NOW is discarded. I have put my wise hat on for this post and decided that life is to be enjoyed and can you honestly tell me that announcing every time you do anything is enjoyable to you?

I must confess that the more you see my big face on instagram stories the less work I am *actually* getting done (regardless of how it looks) and the less you see me the more my real life is flourishing. I think the jig is definitely up and we all know that we all don’t live the fabulous lives we all pretend to live online. But that doesn’t mean that we are prepared to put the phones down and just live.

Now is probably the time to say that I am not only accusing you of doing it, I am so guilty of this too. I think that so many of us have this excruciating habit of feeling like we have to announce everything that we get up to, even if it isn’t in-fact announcement worthy that we are all reaching soooo hard with the “news”
We go to the gym, have a meatless meal or a glass of water and we want to prove to the world that we are “better”; than the rest. But; we are the rest. And I am here to tell you that THAT is ok.
I have been watching a lot of “My BBL Journey” videos on youtube recently, not because I am tempted to get surgery but because the phenomenon baffles me. I don’t believe that instagram is 100% to blame but I think that it would be naive to completely disregard that if we weren’t exposed to the ridiculous (yes amazing but definitely ridiculous) body-shape then more and more of us wouldn’t be going under the knife.

But I am digressing and I actually have another blog ready to go on the Instagram-body-debate, so back to my point:
I am sure there are studies and surveys and tests being done as I type which will corroborate my point of view and back up a theory that I quickly want to touch upon before I run away: when you announce something you are around 6x more likely to fail at it.
And lest we forget that this obsession with always having something to announce has one very negative side-effect: It detracts from the times when you really have something to share. These become throw away moments.
I have made a decision to keep all of the little bits to myself and only talk about things when they are worth it, that way it matters (:

Whenever I have put on my smug little hat and professed to be doing great at something publicly, very shortly I find myself falling behind but hardly anyone knows I used to smoke cigarettes and have been fag-free for nearly three years without one slip up.. Oh gosh I have gone and ruined it now 😹

Also yet again I didn’t take blog pics so all I have are these two top-and-tail selfies, looool
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

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