THE REVIEW: If Cats Disappeared From The World

Imagine you have just been diagnosed with an incurable disease and you have hardly any time left on this here planet. You arrive home and see the devil himself sitting on your sofa. Don’t ask me how you know it is the devil, forget about whether or not you even believe in the devil. He is there, petting your cat and beckoning you to join him.

That is where this story beings. And you will (I hope) be as hooked as I whilst reading this little book of gold. I don’t usually buy books that are on heavy display at Waterstones (this took up a good few columns on their “best sellers” wall) but the cover got me. Naughty Yinka. Cardinal rule Yinka! But I couldn’t help myself! Usually, when I succumb to this kind of pressure I am left a bit put out. But not today

I am happy that I took the chance, if you are a fan of stories such as The Alchemist & A Picture Of Dorian Gray then you will love this book. Not because it shares a plot with either of these titles but because of the way this book made me feel while reading it. It isn’t often that I get stuck into a story that really challenges the way I think day to day and this book did, the same way that The Alchemist and Dorian Gray did which is why If Cats Disappeared From The World is up there. And I am so happy that I let the display dictate my choice, this time at least.

The plot: A postman dying from a brain tumour makes a deal with the devil to erase things from the world in exchange for a prolonged life, in a nutshell. And we work our way through a few days during this bizarre scenario. It makes for a very interesting read and it really has you questioning what you would  agree to in order to get one more day of life. Could you make cats disappear? No? Ok what about mobile phones?
I won’t go on for fear of ruining the story for you but it really does force you to question what YOU would do, and thats why I liked it so much.
When I first picked this book up I worried it would be a bit morbid (because of the main plot-line) but it is less about loss and illness and more about perspective.

If you ask any of my friends they will tell you I have a saying which can get quite annoying “life is all about perspective” and it is no surprise that the stories I love the most are about just that.
I realise that this review has just become an ode to Genki Kawamura but I am not mad at that, when you do a good job you deserve all of the praise
5 stars please and thank you x

2 thoughts on “THE REVIEW: If Cats Disappeared From The World

  1. Just clicked on here through instagram and you really are more than just a pretty face aren’t you
    Can not wait to get stuck into these book review, I am a bookworm too
    Lots of love B

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