Maybe We Should Change The Name

Of Love Island. We should change it to what it really is; hot people getting off with each-other and then ultimately becoming brand ambassadors and Instagram stars Island. Ok I admit it hasn’t got the same ring to it as its current title but at least it will be what it says on the tin.
I would like to make it clear that yes I am a fan, you don’t need to search through my old tweets, screen shot em and shame me into admitting  that each summer, for the last few years; I invest in the lives of the Islanders. Yes I have downloaded the app, yes I vote, yes I’m a fan and YES I am fed up of being lied to by the contestants, by Caroline Flack, by ITV. THEY AREN’T LOOKING FOR LOVE DAMN IT! And that is OK. I think I can speak for quite a few viewers when I say that we don’t mind that the hot 20-somethings aren’t really going on a prime-time-reality-dating-show to find the loves of their lives.

The other week photos emerged of Dani Dyer canoodling (who even am I for using that word please?????) with her ex out in public, a mere 20days after she and fellow Love Island contestant *winner even* and former bae Jack announced their split *SAVAGE*
Now while I am not here to chastise Dani for her speedy recovery from heartbreak (I once found a new bae in 2weeks so who am I to judge?) I am here with my opinion on the shows format and the LIE THEY KEEP PEDDLING US EXTREMELY SUSCEPTIBLE VIEWERS.
If we compare it to its slightly wilder cousin Ex On The Beach; they don’t pretend that they will be living a life of wholesome love on their exit from the villa, or house, or flat or whatever they call it (I can’t stand that show) But maybe that is where the beauty of Love Island lies, yes we tune in for the drama, for the couplings and with a slight mischievous hope that someone will snake someone else and sparks will fly! But Love Island is different isn’t it? It offers us a little promise of what we all want deep down; good old fashioned romance. Or at-least it used to.

Please correct me if I am wrong, and their audition tapes will most definitely go against this but who really believes the islanders are there to find actual true love? On a tv show? If I applied to Love Island, and I didn’t because you know *cough* body diversity *cough* I think it would more be the lure of teeth whitening ambassadorships than a dude to bring home to the family.

Yes I will probably be tuning in every night keeping up to date with the goings on in the villa, but no, this year I am not going to be fooled. I am not going to believe that the CONTESTANTS of this GAME SHOW where you can WIN MONEY are truly there for something as pure as true love.  I will watch it like it is a sitcom, something that has been scripted and not the reality it is trying to convince me it is

Of course there are two sides to every story and there are definitely exceptions to the Love Island curse, a few couples are still together flourishing but as the years pass these examples are getting fewer and fewer with ZERO of the couples from 2018’s series still in their couplings. I was rooting for Kaz and Josh man and mourned a touch when they posted the obligatory dark background, words only instagram story.

loveisland hamster
On a side note can we all just laugh at Megan and Wes and their dividing of custody of their pet hamster?

I know that my thoughts aren’t going to change one thing on the show so I will see you on the timeline, 9pm every night this summer 😂
Yinka x

P.s. This post has been in my drafts a few weeks so I have come back to add a cheeky congratulations to Jess & Dom from LoveIsland past on the news of their baby. Everything I said still stands though x

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