I know I know I am spoiling you, two reviews in one month???? I’m too good to you! Don’t worry I know I definitely owed you after not dropping one in March so here we are.
I’m going to begin with a recommendation; you need to watch Big Little Liars on Sky Atlantic (everyones favourite channel) because not only does it have the best cast: Shailene Woodley, Nichole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon & Zoë Kravitz to name a few, it is also a wicked show that I didn’t realise was originally a book, a book that I am picking up as soon as I am able.
None of us are strangers to the fact that most of what we watch on both the big and little screens has been adapted from the page so when I saw that this next book, the book I am reviewing today, was written by the same author I picked Nine Perfect Strangers and got stuck right in.

I am pretty sure that Moriarty, much like her namesake in Sherlock, is a master villain. She has the ability to leave a twist right until the very end and that makes for a great read regardless of the story which is interesting but doesn’t ALWAYS keep you devouring and turning the page.
This book is a bit of a slow burner, maybe it is the nine characters we have to get to know and love before things go awry. Let me introduce you to the story:
Nine perfect strangers (not really because 3 are in-fact related) arrive at a luxury health resort: Tranquillum House which promises not only rejuvenation but REINVENTION, which to me sounds like a nightmare but its not about me its about the guys in the book. Each of these characters is looking for something beyond them. Be it couples counselling, weight-loss or a complete lifestyle overhaul; each character has a reason for being there.

I have to be honest and say that if you like a book that has a lot of twists and turns and has you thinking about the characters whilst you’re in a very important board meeting then this may not be the one for you. While it is definitely an  enjoyable read it isn’t exactly filled with thrills. Interesting? Yes but exciting? I am not convinced.
There were more “oh ok” moments rather then a “Oh HELL NAHHH” that you would get with similar books of this nature, or books that are advertised as “thrillers”
And when I tell you I wanted to love this book I am not kidding, so it was slightly disappointing to me. Which isn’t to say that the characters aren’t loveable or the story isn’t enjoyable, they are and it is.
If character development is your thing and you can take or leave the drama then you will probably come out the other-side of this book feeling a whole heap better than I did. When I read “psychological fiction” I expect to be left with questions other than “is that it?”

I have been asked why I don’t rate the titles in THE REVIEW and it is simply because when I read a book I try to take it as it is, without any influences from anything else I have read. However I couldn’t help but think about other books and other authors while I was reading this and although I wasn’t bored and it wasn’t a chore to get through, I was very much committed in getting to the end of the book and finding the resolution; I can’t help but think that part of me really wanted to be caught and I was really holding out for this right up until the last pages.
Would I recommend Nine Perfect Strangers? Yes I think I would. I like it, I just don’t adore it. If you aren’t an avid “thriller” reader then this could be a good introduction to the genre.

When it comes to reading I either hardly think about a book once I have finished it or I demand all of my friends get involved immediately. So this book will go on my shelf and if someone asks to borrow it I will say “sure, it’s cool” and thats it really.

Yinka x


  1. love your blog love your consistency love your honesty in this post, i read this book too and it just isnt quite good is it???

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