OK Arya did the deed… Now What?


I think I should start this post with my unpopular opinion, get it out of the way and then we can get down to the real reason we are here *TAKES DEEP BREATH*
I think the last season of the best tv show in the world is starting rather disappointingly. Let me explain before you close this tab and unfollow me on absolutely everything:
Season 7 was a little bit of a disappointment and the blood lust we developed while watching GoT wasn’t really satisfied. But we (I) put up with it, because “winter has [finally] come” and the final season, number 8 is only 6 episodes long so it was bound to be action packed right? Well so far so wrong but I am not writing it off, I am appreciating the subtle nuances and wrapping up of loose ends, I’m loving the romance because I truly suspect we are being set up, we are being lulled right before the biggest storm quite literally blows up the walls of Winterfell and hell reigns down on all of our beloved characters (Lord please let Greyworm & Missandei survive)

But dear friends, that is not what we are here to discuss, oh no. Today we talk about everyones (mine?) favourite character; Miss Arya Stark and THAT scene last week that made sooooo many of us uncomfortable. And by so many of us I don’t include myself because I was clapping at the telly; standing ovation. Bravo Miss Stark, bravo.

I don’t find it weird that a young woman, when faced with pretty much imminent death, would want to experience sex. You know what I do find weird? That no one blinked when she cooked Walder Freys kids in a pie, when she wore his face to massacre the entirety of his army. What about when she was blind and that ANNOYING girl kept whacking her up with the broomstick? I heard absolutely no cries abut her being “too young” I wouldn’t blame you for trying to wipe the memory of when Ed Sheeran popped up singing in the forest? That probably bothered me most of all but you know what didn’t bother me? Arya being a woman. I haven’t seen her as a kid long before she killed Ser Meryn way back in season 5, remember that? When she stabs out his eyes? And slits his throat? That is the bizarre thing about the reaction to the sexing, Arya isn’t seen as a kid when it came to violence but a little side boob had everyone cringing!

Why is it the consensual sex between her and some who isnt *gasp* related to her or a million years old that has shocked everyone? I think we all need to get several grips and allow this WOMAN to take CONTROL the way we did when she annihilated Little Finger last season. I find it slightly bizarre that after everything we have endured together throughout the journey that has been GoT it is the thought of 18 year old Arya getting it on that is the most scandalous! I am not having it and I will not stand for this.

Logic tells me that part of the reaction is because of all of the women in GoT Arya has never used her sexuality to get what she wants, forgive me if I am incorrect but she may be the only one who hasn’t and that maybe why this scene, this act is so hard for us to stomach.
Everything in GoT is just that; a game including sex.
You can be forgiven if up until now we have seen our (my?) fave Stark as a cold-blooded-killing-machine. But it is time to accept that she is a warm-blooded-sexy-independent-lady haha even if she may not be alive much longer (I suspect bloodshed galore in the episodes to come)

In order to put Arya and sex in perspective for you and force you to see sense I have listed 10 things waaaay more disturbing than this, enjoy (in no particular order)

  • Theon’s ( or should we call him Reek I can’t keeps track) castration
  • Shireen being burned at the stake while her mum just stood there (welp)
  • Rikon Stark’s death, even though he still can’t be forgiven for running like that. Anyone else scream *ZIG ZAG*Β  at their screen? Just me? Ok
  • Jaime and Cersie IN GENERAL but especially when the got it on pretty much ON TOP of Goffrey’s body. Yuck
  • Sansa’s marriage to Ramsey and everything that happened after that
  • The Red Wedding *cries into hands*
  • Jaime & Cersie (again) this time when Jaime pushed Bran out the window. Jaime is to blame for the weirdo *sorry 3-eyed-raven we are now left with
  • The Mountain killing the Viper a.k.a. when Clegane squished Oberyns skull like it was a kinder egg
  • Visaryis’ Death whilst hilarious and definitely deserved was pretty disturbing
  • Ned Stark’s execution which lives with me til this day man

You know nothing Jon Snow x


6 thoughts on “OK Arya did the deed… Now What?

  1. Nah Yinka it is BECAUSE Arya was one of the only characters who seemed exempt from what drives the others (her and Bran but he is weird)
    Seeing her lustful was putting her int he same bracket as those we hate: Cersie & the like!
    Arya minus the murder was innocent until this episode and we mourn!

  2. I didn’t know you wrote! Found this through your insta story, this is HILARIOUS as someone who doesn’t even watch the game of thrones
    The show sounds horrific πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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