Spent A Few Nights In Barcelona

… And I did NOTHING

You know when you say you are going to take a break and you book the flights & hotel. You pack many books, even pick a series to binge on whilst you are relaxing? And then you get to wherever it is that you’re going and end up, out and busy everyday? I’m not talking about sight seeing or partying all night (although the latter may leave you exhausted) I am talking about not really taking the time to switch off and your holiday finishes and you leave more worse for wear than when you arrived. You get back home after your trip and think with a sigh “I need a holiday after the holiday”
Well that is NOT what happened when I went to Barcelona lol.

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And I couldn’t recommend it more, that is what it is about. We all work bloody hard whilst in this rat-race that is London that going away should really be used as the break it is supposed to be, as a (kinda) blogger and avid instagram poser I understand the temptation to content-ify (please pretend its a word) your trip and grab photos in the best spots so that your followers can know exactly what you’re up to, but then its not a holiday is it? Is it? Especially when Instagram is becoming more and more like work for a lot of us!

Now I am not saying you can’t take sassy sassy pics, you don’t have to be like me and take all of your selfies in one day because you were too busy drinking cosmos. But what I think we could all do is relax a little bit more, watch those episodes, read those books and truly take time; to take time for ourselves when we go away.
Don’t worry I didn’t spend all of my time in my room, I know it sounds like that doesn’t it! We went shopping, we ate at the best restaurants, saw a few sights (on the day I forgot my phone lol) we did the things your mum probably does when she goes away and we are content with that.

I speak quite frequently on my blog about the importance of taking time off but I never really thought about it in a holiday-esq kind of way. Of-course Ghana taught me a thing or two about switching off but this was putting those lessons into action.
I have become quite passionate about “the switch-off” from socials and the reason behind it is simple really; the more known I become, the more aware people become of me and the more work I do, the more I need to be able to disconnect. Not run away and hide from twitter, but as the demand for updates on my life become more frequent (shout out the Direct Message request Crew!) The ability to not share everything will only become more important. I think it is best to learn those lessons while it still doesn’t really matter.
It is a bit scary though because we have all become so used to making our friends jealous with our holiday snaps haven’t we!? I don’t want to sound sarcastic when I talk about the fear of losing traction online because it is a real thing (both the fear and the loss) and if you work for yourself or in a job which involves posting; taking time off ESPECIALLY when you’re in an “instagrammable” location, seems a bit daunting, doesn’t it?

Put your out of office on your email so that people expect a delayed response and breathe!
Honestly, once you accept that hardly anyone will notice that you haven’t posted in a few days (which is probably the most difficult thing to over come because no-one really noticed I had’t posted) I promise it is a pretty good experience, the whole actually being away instead of scouting great photo-locations is really lovely (:
Would I recommend Barca? Yeah of-course, would I recommend you take more pics than I did? Probably lol. Am I mad at myself for not taking photos? Nah I have a feeling 2019 is gonna be a bit of a mad on for me so relaxing when I get the chance is necessary!

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The next time I visit Barcelona I will probably treat it a little differently, I think I will go out of my way to take more pictures and share my experience with you because it really is a great holiday destination, but for now you are stuck with these! I’m not saying don’t post, I’m not saying don’t share but I am saying sometimes relax!

Lol Yinka x

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3 thoughts on “Spent A Few Nights In Barcelona

  1. Owwww love love love it, and I love that you now have your blog on sound cloud
    good idea, great post and I’m happy you had a great time in Barcelona, I went to uni there! Amazing city!

  2. Love it! I have a holiday booked in a few months in a place I’ve been before so I don’t feel tempted to explore and be super busy. I want to just unwind!!
    Where did you stay in Barca?

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