A Few Lessons…

That I learnt in 2018 x

It’s the 1st of Jan TWENTYNINETEEN & I am sitting by the pool on my Christmas break and the thought has hit me; 2018 was a LONG year don’t you think? I also think it was one of discovery for a lot of us and that’s what I have come here to do today; share. I did a thread throughout 2017 which was essentially a timeline of “achievements”. This was in the hope that at the end of the year I would read through everything I had achieved and feel proud. It didn’t work, actually I just felt cringe that I had indulged in myself so much. I actually found the thread and will decide later if I link to it lol

(I decided yes)
So in 2018 I didn’t do the thread thing which means
1. I have forgotten so many things I have in-fact achieved
2.I feel a little bad for being so hard on myself for trying to celebrate
3. I kinda wish I DID do one because if I think about it this last year has been pretty eventful but I didn’t so we move on and instead I thought I would reflect on some of the lessons (most of which are overdue at my big big age) I learnt in 2018 so here it goes (:

HOW TO WASH MY FACE- I know this sounds BASIC AF but hear me out and maybe learn with me? *Takes deep breath* Are you like me in the sense that you throughly clean your entire body but you do it reaaaally quickly? If so then you too may have been washing your face wrong all these years as well, I read an article online (much like you are reading this, hello) and it changed my life. You are supposed to wash your face for a minimum of 1minute for whatever face-wash you’re using to take effect. I know what you’re thinking “I do” but do you? Really? Because I thought I did but then I actually counted to 60 while washing my face and I realised that I learnt something new. Try it and be amazed.

EVERYTHING IS NOT AS IT SEEMS- obviously, you know this already and so did I. But 2018 took that to a completely different level for me. I got to do some things that looked absolutely incredible online but what a boomerang on my instagram story doesn’t show is the hard work that goes into the tiniest of moments. It is so easy to take the ‘BTS’ for granted but with the way my work has levelled up over the last year the work rate HAS to match it and it really isn’t as easy as it seems.

AGE MEANS A LOT LESS THAN SPIRIT- Of course I would say this, I am coming to the end of my 20’s and after spending most of that time either omitting my age (sorry if I have down-right lied to you I was out of control) or fretting about looking older. First of all I’m still a beby gel and secondly I have actually realised it really doesn’t matter, I wish I learnt this before but I think every old person says that loool.

PRIMER IS ESSENTIAL- Again something that I should’ve known and kinda did know but didn’t really appreciate. Basically just wear primer, every time you beat your face wear primer. It makes your makeup last longer, it stops the makeup from soaking into your pores, it just makes so much sense and I am ashamed that this is a new habit.

IM DEMANDING! And I’m not sorry about it. Im not a bitch or unreasonable on most days but demanding? Most definitely. I used to be scared of being labelled like this, so much so that I would do the utter most in any kind of relationship; platonic or sexy. But now? I’m beginning to know my worth and I demand that others value me in the same way that I value myself. And I don’t just mean romantically, I mean my friends, my family, at work. I know exactly the type of treatment I should be receiving and I don’t accept any less. This lesson has probably been the most fun because the rewards are so great.

HOW TO LOG OFF and I mean this literally, you may have noticed in the past few months that I have taken a few “breaks” from social media and in the last few weeks I’ve barely been on instagram (if you haven’t noticed thats ok too) this is just how I remain sane in this mad mad world which brings me so sweetly on to my final lesson:

EVERYONE HAS LOST IT (lol) I mean this in a: I’m-serious-and-we-can-laugh-but-why-is-everyone-crazy kinda way. Sorry but you’re all mad!

Happy new year guys x

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