THE REVIEW: The Hate U Give

Little Infants F’s Everybody 

The movie that is on everyones lips was born from the book that I couldn’t put down. I read this book when it was first released in early 2017 and when I saw that it was being turned into a movie I was skeptical then when I saw that the colour of the main character and I was on the wrong side of irritated.
I got to watch the movie, I even hosted a screening for The MOBO Awards and it actually does live up to its predecessor but I don’t want to talk about the movie that so many people are angry at, I want to talk about the book that I love, the book that started it all.

I randomly stumbled across this book when it came up on special offer on my kindle, and am I happy I did. This story follows Starr, a girl who lives two lives; she is one version of herself at home and another at school, but never quite herself anywhere, but while this is a book that takes you on a journey of self discovery it is also so much more than that.
I love books that suck you in straight away and from page one of THUG you are in. You’re at a party that seems so familiar, immediately thrown back to the times that I had when I was a teenager.
Maybe that is why I love this book so much, because so much of it is relatable. I grew up in Peckham and we used to go to house-parties every weekend and sometimes there was trouble and sometimes we had to run.
One of the things that makes this book a real page turner are the characters, they are so realistic, it is easy to read a book and thinking “I wouldn’t do that” or think that the actions of those in the pages are unrealistic but this isn’t that. I can see myself as each of these people and that is why this is so important. From the kids at Starr’s school who have no idea why they shouldn’t cut-class in the name of someone who they didn’t know nor care about to Starr’s dad who refuses to move from the very hood that seems to create these troubles for his family.
I have quite literally read hundreds of books and I can remember each time a book has made me cry. From Dumbledore’s fall to They Both Die At The End (I know, I know the title should’ve given it away) my point is that I am *usually* a hard nut to crack. But this book? This 438 pages? It got me.
I love the references in this book and I love that this book does shove history down your throat but invites you to educate yourself.
Did I know what THUG LIFE stood for before reading this? I have to admit that I didn’t. This novel encouraged me to take another look .

I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about the movie but it isn’t often that you read a book with someone, so when I went to watch it and subsequently had conversations about it, it was so interesting to see what people thought of something that I have had over a year to digest

And then we come to the main storyline, police killing black men and us feeling like we can’t really do anything about it. It is just heart breaking. Especially when this art isn’t just inspired from life, it plucks right from reality and puts it down on a page. It’s annoying partly because I feel like some people will feel for this fictional character more than they do the real humans who are killed and have been killed throughout history.
This book encouraged me to watch The 13th. This book encouraged me to take the time to read the articles and the reports and the cries for change that are coming from my computer screen. This book encouraged me.
And that is what it is about, not FORCING people to care, but making them look into themselves and giving them no other choice

I think the question(s) when it comes to this book is: do I love it because of how emotionally triggering it is OR do I love it because it is an amazing story that is very reflective of our times?
The answer: I don’t know, potentially both. But I love it regardless.

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