The Great Influencer Debate…

My 2 cents on a pretty interesting argument
(which btw is a lot less than I would’ve been paid if this post was #sponsored owwww)

Following my ‘How To..’ blog on being a presenter I have received a few questions about social media and its effect on my work. I have to admit I was a teeny bit reluctant to dedicate yet another post to social media, I have spoken on it




But here we are again (:
I thought instead of making up a bunch of stuff on “how to” get followers I would talk about something real because we live in dark times friends!

Im joking… Kinda. These aren’t exactly the brightest of times tbh, things that we used to do for free.. For fun are now for sale and not everyone is happy about that! When you scroll through Instagram and see AD upon AD does it make your blood boil? When someone you used to consider your fave is trying to convince you that the picture they just posted with whitening toothpaste is organic does it make you angry? Does your finger hover over that “unfollow” button with pure VIM?

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Calling yourself an influencer is like calling yourself humble… You’re not really supposed to, its someone else’s job.

I do not consider myself an influencer don’t worry. I don’t see anything wrong with bloggers making money “GET THE BAG SIS!” and due to work I occasionally have to post a #AD but I have found the word “influencer” a little cringe since its inception really. There is something so toe-curling about it and I remember the first time I heard someone use it as their job title, the shivers I got were horrific. When we started putting it in our bios it all got a bit confusing for me.
Calling yourself an influencer is like calling yourself humble… You’re not really supposed to, its someone else’s job.

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Being THAT person who only talks about instagram… makes people want to reach out and slap your phone out of your hand.

I can admit that I have dabbled throughout my time on Instagram, trying to see if I could really live the lifestyle of an influencer with stylised photos and daily posting but it just took it out of me, I actually commend those who are focused enough to dedicate the time. But there is a dark side to it all that I think is worth discussing. Buzz words like “engagement” and “reach” had me checking and re-checking pictures I was posting. It can’t come as a surprise to know that it affects people.
I recently took my profile off of “business” on instagram because it all became a bit much for me. I read somewhere that Instagram with-holds likes and comments so that you keep scrolling which isn’t surprising, but when you find yourself wondering how your post has only gone up 4likes when you got a notification for 20?!?! It’s time to put the phone down and go outside.
FYI being THAT person who only talks about instagram and how how many likes this post got compared to that post will only make people want to reach out and slap your phone out of your hand.

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brands are getting bumped byΒ  people who couldn’t sell ice to an eskimo

I did a job where I was treated like less than the other girls because my following wasn’t as high… Thats when I snapped. There were girls who had 100’s of thousands of followers who don’t get as many like as me.
The girls who were considered the “priorities” on this particular job got multiple photo opps with photographers and us mere mortals just sat by and watched, even though we were all required to share content, my content just wasn’t as important.
Some of the girls who had the higher following had CLEARLY bought their followers (1k likes and 300k followers come onnn who’s believing that?!?)
But these reasons are not why I snapped. It wasn’t because of the fact that me with a mere 50k following gets more engagement than someone with more than double tat amount. It wasn’t because brands are getting bumped byΒ  people who couldn’t sell ice to an eskimo.
NO. I snapped because IT DOESN’T MATTER.
Obsessing over the fact that brands care more about numbers than the amount of actual people you reach is a waste of time
Obsessing about picking the “right” photo and the “right” edit and posting at the “right” time is a waste of time
Getting angry at people posting #AD’s is a waste of time

My friend Sarah told me that in a few years she reckons we will all have taken our business off of social media because we will have had enough, enough of the over-sharing, enough of the pressure and enough of the lack of privacy. I must admit even-though I am an avid user of Instagram, I am looking forward to this day.
Yinka x

6 thoughts on “The Great Influencer Debate…

  1. this is so well written yinka! touched a nerve with me because I have always been worried about starting a blog or anything because i dont have the followers and it feels like there wouldnt be any point. but i think you are right, that shouldnt stop me

    1. it really isnt when you compare it to some people who do similar things as yinka and have 300k
      what she is saying is that it doesnt matter

  2. i love the fact that you speak your mind on here, would love to se you writing a column or something so more people can read your words yinka x

  3. Such a fun read! Youre so right and to be honest I want to see more of your content more than those boring “influencers” so keep on keeping on Yinkdaddy

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