Dance Trends..

& why they must end…
Let me start by saying you can miss me with the Dougie.. MISS MEEEEE

Let me explain; I love dancing, I dance while cooking, I dance while cleaning, I dance in the radio studio and in the backs of cabs. I dance when I am doing my make up and when I am waiting for the kettle to boil. Do you get my drift? Yinka likes to dance, but not when people are telling me the moves that I must be doing.
I blame Pontins. Pontins is a UK holiday destination (not unlike Butlins) and I used to go there with my mum and brothers each year during the summer holidays. Think Dirty Dancing and you won’t be far off, it was all activities during the day and discos at night, where we would put on our holiday best and hit the dance floor for an evening of the Mambo, Macarana & Cha Cha Sliding.
And it was somewhere between Saturday Night (do de de da de da de daaah) and Cotton-Eye-Joe I became confident and thats the problem, because my skill set still lives in the simplicity of the Hammer Time but times have moved on and without me it would seem.
Is this beginning to smell like a granny ranting yet? No.. Well let me continue then (lol)


When I was in college we did the Soulja Boy and snapped our fingers, we were safe. But fast forward through the years and dancing has evolved and I have been left behind.
I blame the Shmoney and the Nae Nae. I blame the dances that look super simple but hours in the mirror tell me different. Am I jealous? Yes.
I feel personally attacked! Every-time there is a new move or trend or challenge I practice and practice and practice in the mirror like the nerd I am but NO I CANT GET IT and I just cant be doing it anymore. I refuse to feel inadequate one moment longer!

Gone are the days of Leaning Back with a huge grin on ya face *cries in Stanky Leg*
Is this a simple case of me feeling nostalgic for my old college trends? Maybe. Am I only ranting because I can’t keep up with the dances and also struggle to learn even basic choreography? Oh DEFINITELY…but I think I have a point and even if so far you think I am off my rocker with this post, we have a common enemy:

The Challenges *angry face*
If youre not getting run over by your own car to Drake’s In My Feelings you’re getting a stitch trying to #LevelUp and it has to stop!
I propose something wild, how about we go to a dance and…. Dance? Because I think I can do it, I swear I can, I must be able to.
So hear me now please, this is a call to put down the #’s and bring back the two-step & the good old fashioned scrubsing in the dance ok? Please? How about the dutty whine?

End dance trends today!.. But don’t worry I am not complete monster the Shaku Shaku can stay (:

JOIN THE REVOLUTION! & Shop the blog:
Jacket: ASOS (this is on sale so do it now)
Bra: Ann Summers
Skirt: Nasty Gal
Wig: Sorry I got this from a stall on East Street Market for £10 but I found a similar one here (check before you buy though)

Pics taken by my sis (and fave) @OlufemiPhotography x

3 thoughts on “Dance Trends..

  1. Never seen a better ending to a blog post, the shaku can stay. YinkDaddy can you just do like a 5seconds or even less.. You dancing shaku. I guess everyone would like to see that. *wink wink*

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