The #LipStickChallenge

5 days 5 lipsticks… Let’s do it!

I am in a bit of a Groundhog Day phase with my make up, so when my mate Ashley Louise James posted a pic about a week ago on instagram saying that she that she was going to wear a different lipstick every day and create a different makeup look to go with it, it was such a great idea that I decided to do it too so here we have the #LipstickChallenge!

Starting Monday I stuck my hand into my lipstick box (yes I have a lipstick box) and I rolled with the punches, trying to create a different look everyday.
I filmed each attempt so have a watch and let me know how you think I did!

IMG_0627The first attempt! This is Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe in Glory, this is part of a lip kit but only God knows where the lip pencil is at this stage I threw a bit of KIKO blush on my cheeks and lids and then put their  Free Soul Highlighter Palette on my cheekbones and in the inner corners of my eyes (which are both on sale for under a fiver each atm sooooo grab dattt)

Do you think its different to Monday? PLEAAAAAASE tell me you think it is different to Monday!
So on Tuesday I pulled Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Crème out of the bag in ‘Gold Blooded’ which is like a red/orange with little flecks of gold through it. I tried to go a little classic on the eyes and quite glowy on the skin, Mac’s Hyper Real Glow highlighter palette gave me life on my cheekbones and Makeup Revoultion’s Extra Spice palette (specifically the Infinity colour) provided the eye colour.I just used a random liquid eyeliner for this look.

WednesdayIMG_0669On Wednesdays we wear pink… Lipstick lol Revlon Matte HD Metallique in Glam which is lovely. On the cheeks I have gone for Golden Rose’s blusher/ bronzer (it’s a bit of both) is colour 106 Terracotta Stardust
On my eyes I am wearing the MUA Silent Disco palette got Funk on the top lid and Freakout on the bottom)
It is the second appearance of the Free Soul Highlighter Palette this time in my inner corners of my eye and cupid bow. This look require A LOT of mascara and when it comes to volume Bourjois Volume Clubbing is the best.

ThursdayIMG_1Make Up Revolution has become my new favourite brand off the back of this challenge you know, the lipstick today is their Metallic Dragon Lip Gloss in Fire Breathing (dramatic name lol)
I dipped into the Extra Spice palette again for the eyes with Collection Glam Crystals Gel Glitter eyeliner in Shake It Up and an Ellen Tracy bronzer on the cheeks

Friday IMG_0716Bum ba da dummmm (that was supposed to be a trumpet lol because its the final day!)
I dont know if it is obvious but I tried to combine some of the lessons I have learnt this week (fleekier eye shadow courtesy of MUAcombined with my usual (before this challenge) understated lip, which todays provided by L.A Colors. I got this from a hair shop in Peckham for £1 and cant find it online for the life of me BUT here is something very similar.
Ellen Tracy on the cheeks and A WHOLE HEAPA Bourjois Volume Clubbing on the lashes.. I mean like 3 coats.. Go crazy but try not to poke ourself in the eye like I did.

And there we have it! A full (working) week of sass (: The question is; which look is ya fave?????

Yinka x

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