THE REVIEW: What A Time To Be Alone

Last year my New Years Resolution was to read a book a month. 50 books & 18 months later I think it is time to start sharing what I know.
Welcome to The Review! A new monthly feature on the blog letting you know what I think of things (proofs in the title)And what better way to debut this feature than with a debut book “What A Time To Be Alone” by Chidera Eggerue a.k.a The Slumflower who is (if you don’t already follower her) LOUD ON TWITTER
There are times I want to print off her tweets and frame them for their sheer brilliance and other times where I want to shout angrily at my phone because “she’s gone to far this time” but this book? Well lets get into it:

I must admit when I first picked it up, I had no idea what to expect, there has been a lot of press and attention around it but there were some fundamental questions: Is it a novel? Is it a man -hating-manual? Is it going to be as good as I hope?

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Firstly it most definitely isn’t a novel. Definitely not, although it does tell a story. For me; this book tells the story of someone who has taken the time to fall deeply in love with themselves and is encouraging us all to do the same, the fact it took the best part of 2 years to write is no shock or surprise.
It isn’t man-hating in anyway. It actually isn’t about men or their opinion of us, it isn’t about how to get over/ under/ in-between or beside men and that is what is beautiful. It is about choosing yourself.. “over again. Even when you’ve let yourself down. Choose yourself. Even when it feels uncomfortable. Choose yourself. Even when you’re tired. Choose Yourself.”
What A Time To Be Alone is divided into three parts; first you learn to celebrate YOU, then you learn to not worry about THEM and finally what it means to be US.

I was taken aback by how honest the book is, she doesn’t come at us pretending to be squeaky clean, from essays on loneliness to mental health I get the sense that this book was written by someone who wants to share the magic of self love, even though she insists it isn’t magical at all I still believe it is.

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With every positive affirmation, short essay and Igbo proverb (which are hilarious and deep at the same damn time) you go on your own personal journey. There is a part about chickens peeing that proper made me feel special. That is part of the reason I love this book, not because chickens don’t pee (a fact I truly didn’t know) but because while reading it I learned how to celebrate me, regardless of anyone else.

To summarise, I loved this book. Was I left wanting more? Yes. I think that Chidera has a lot more to give in terms of writing and I am looking forward to reading what she has next, but for now? I am looking forward to picking this book up again and again and again, I feel like we will become old friends.
Yinka x

3 thoughts on “THE REVIEW: What A Time To Be Alone

  1. I didn’t know you read so much! I just ordered this book and now I really cant wait to read it
    Good idea on the feature

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