Summer School

From friendships to bad habits; here are a few things I have learnt this summer:I finished school ages ago & my friends laugh when I say “you learn something new every day” probably because I say it every day, but it is true! I genuinely think the if you open your eyes, ears and heart you will learn so many things; about the world, others and most importantly yourself. So here are my 5 lessons of the summer so far

I am a really good friend. I don’t mean this in a conceited way either. But it is true! I take pride in being there for the people that need me. I don’t rack up all the things I have done for my mates or anything but from the friendships I have and what my friends do for me? I have to be amazing tbh (cos they are)

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I have amazing friends. They proof-read my blogs, take my photos, keep me company on shoots and at radio. I used to say that I didn’t have many but a holiday with 9 of my closest mates and I realise THAT WAS A LIE! I am lucky in that my siblings are my friends too but one thing I have realised over the years (so not just during this summer) over the break-ups and makeups. Through highs and lows? My mates are there no matter what they are going through so shout out you guys!

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My natural hair isnt EVERYTHING. Yes it is wicked and I am happy I made the decision to kick the creamy crack but it doesn’t define me. You may have noticed recently that I have it out less than ever before, because I am tired of only being recognised for that (by some people)
There are other interesting things about me… Trust me

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I am inconsistent but I am trying to be better. Whether it is blogging and stopping or exercising regularly. Some habits are so easy to keep; like watching Love Island for instance but ones that I am trying to form for the good of me are difficult to maintain. I’m working on it and hopefully we will all benefit from this.

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My idea and evaluation of success has changed drastically– very quickly. I blame falling in love… Lol.. I’m laughing but I’m serious (will explain this one in another blog because it deserves its own page)

Shop the blog:
Top: Fila (via Urban Outfitters)
Shorts: Remix by Atika (Gotta go in store for these babies)
Trainers: Fila (via Schuh)
Coffee: Iced vanilla coconut latte like all the real bloggers drink!

Of course I don’t expect you to have learnt the same things as me but I will say that you should try to take a sec each day and think about what it has taught you. It’s quite fun (:

Yinka x

4 thoughts on “Summer School

  1. You are such a sweet soul, I have been following yo for a few months now and the thing I have gotten from it is that you are indeed a good friend. You are always smiling and laughing with your friends and family and that is the point isnt it?
    love Rish x

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