It was raining…

Yesterdays weather was mental wasn’t it? The rain had me laying in bed listening to it pouring for longer than an adult should be under her covers on a work day.
There is something about the rain that I absolutely adore and I am not alone in this, all of my siblings feel the same way.

When we were younger & it was raining as hard as it was yesterday, my mum used to let us go outside and play in it (one of our MANY weird family traditions)
We would sing and dance and run around in the rain until we were exhausted! Then it was dressing gowns on, tea in mugs, watching telly in the living room. There was just something so cleansing about it, so refreshing and my mum loved it.
I think it had something to do with her growing up in Ireland where it rains about 225 days a year, I’m not sure, but whenever it pours down I think of my mum.
Its funny because I tweeted this yesterday and everyone thought I had gone mad.
Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 19.20.01

Another reason why I love the rain (which yet again is down to mumzie) is based on a story she told me. I have a tattoo which reminds me of this story too but I’ll leave showing that to you for when we meet.
Lets go back to 2005 (which is a long time ago now) my mum arrived home one afternoon soaking from head to toe. It was raining, I looked down and saw she was holding an umbrella so as you can imagine I was confused. I asked about it and she said had just received some not-so-great news. She told me that she decided to walk home & it started raining. She like everyone else scrambled to get her umbrella but then she stopped short. She looked around and saw everyone running as the heavens opened and she realised something;

While we are all dashing for cover, popping up umbrellas in hope of trying to avoid the rain we are missing out on the feel of it. How alive it makes us. She told me that in this world of everyone scrambling and hiding and trying to control everything; all it took was a simple shower to put an end to everyones plans. Picnics abandoned. Heads peering out from under the cover of shop fronts; waiting for the downpour to end.
In that moment she realised that the rain was nothing to hide from. My mum told me that life is a lot like the rain, it will happen regardless of what you had planned on the sunny days and instead of running away or deserting your plans you must adapt and accept that you don’t know it all and regardless of how essential what you HAVE to do may seem; you can’t predict the weather.

Thats why I love the rain, yes it reminds me of the fantastically wise woman that my mum was but it also reminds me of the fact that our plans, however important they are to us, are at the mercy of something a bit greater than ourselves. Call it God, call it fate, call it whatever you like but for me there is something quite comforting in knowing that it all isn’t completely up to us.

You know it wouldn’t be a “Yinka” blog post without a photoset so here are some pics of me that my sister took when we were walking to the shops today lol

Annnnnnnnd we are back to the point: I am not saying literally go outside and dance in the rain if you don’t want to, no. What I am saying is that in those moments, the ones we don’t plan, that are out of our control; we truly know what its like to be alive. Think about it: do you want to be someone who feels the rain or someone who just gets wet? (:
Yinka x

8 thoughts on “It was raining…

  1. Absolutely beautifully written, I am so happy I follow your blog Miss Bokinni because you truly are a light
    Ara x

  2. I am definitely one of those people who run away from the rain ahha i don think ill be strolling in it anytime soon but i love the way you have articulated yourself here
    your writing style is so good

  3. you articulated this PEFECTLY what a lovely thing to share and post
    Yinka you are a superstar and your mum would be so proud you know that right?
    Rachel x

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