Man. I Feel Like A Woman

Weird, how I have never really thought to do a post on being a woman.
I mean it is the first thing people identify me as…. I think.
Before they find out my heritage or my upbringing or whether or not I voted for BREXIT (lol course not I’m not insane) I assume am seen as a woman.
I work in media, on camera some of the time and the people watching see me as a woman. When people hear my voice on the radio (assuming anyone is actually listening lol) they hear a woman. But you know the thing? When I look in the mirror I see the eyebrows which three years ago I vowed to never pluck again. I see the piercing in my lip which hurt way too much to EVER consider removing. I see the scars on my chest which prompts so many odd questions and DMs.
I see all of the things that identify me as me, as Yinka. But not necessarily as a woman.

I have been seeing and having conversations about 2018 being our time, the ‘Year Of The Woman’ if you will.
Forget all of the years we have been grinding girls! The sleepless nights back in 2016? Pointless!
Getting that degree in ’09? Pshhhhh!
2018 is where it is all happening. The year where we can finally reach our potential, or at least be recognised a little more for the work we actually do.
I find this amazing, the job opportunities seem to be coming in (paying rent and eating is always nice) but I do feel a little apprehensive.

Now don’t get me wrong, no one has said that I must achieve every life goal I have ever had by the 31st December 2018 (which by the way is 284 days away) I think maybe I feel pressure easily, or at least I am more susceptible.
I am worried because I really don’t want the spotlight that is on us to dim, at all. Ever.

Going online and seeing all of the amazing things that women and especially women of colour are achieving is just the most inspiring thing; it makes me want to get up in the morning and realise my greatness in the way that so many of my peers are.
I remember being a kid and not even thinking that being on TV was an option, after all June Sarpong and then Mikita Oliver already had those jobs and there is only room for one of us at a time right?
I didn’t even know how important representation was until it started happening, being quiet and accepting isn’t an option any more and I can see that we are all waking up and realising that we are the future. I am slowly starting to realise that the buck is falling to us to keep this going.

I think that it is important that we as women and especially black women realise that there isn’t a limit to what we can do, the more we break down the doors with our amazing-ness the less we can be denied. I know it can be difficult, I mean if you look at a fraction of the horrid things people say to Munroe or Chiddy you may start to re-think how outspoken you are but you can’t. Otherwise those that put themselves in the firing line (so to speak) are doing so in vain.

When I see any woman doing well my heart swells and even more so when she is glowing with black girl magic. The fact that you see women who look like you killing it is a good thing and not something to be intimidated by, it paves the way for the rest of us and more importantly it sets the standard for how we are now demanding to be treated.

Of course I wish we lived in a world where we were simply hired/ respect/ celebrated regardless of creed, colour or curl pattern but we just aren’t there yet. I know how romantic this blog post may seem, it isn’t to belittle or disregard any of the struggles that I or the women around me face. I just want to take a minute out to celebrate how amazing we are. People are only just starting to recognise us but they aren’t screaming yet.
Soon though, we just have to keep making ourselves heard girls x


So to conclude; I am not sure if 2018 is the year I become the one, true Beyoncé of Peckham BUT I am definitely happy to wake up every day knowing that I am GLOWING and most definitely on my way (:

(PS the track one piece that I am wearing is from LAPP The Brand which is owned by another black woman who is killing it: Leomie Anderson) I just hope the pics do the fit justiiiiiiice! ❤

7 thoughts on “Man. I Feel Like A Woman

  1. I love this Yinka! 1. You do the fit justice 2. You are glowing with black girl magic 3. No need to be the Beyonce of Peckham when you are YOU!
    Raising a little girl to own her own little black girl magic I appreciate your content and the vibe you are on. Keep shining xx

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with anything you’ve wrote
    Not breading we have similar minds

    Well written Yinkdaddy!

  3. I think that you are amazing. Yeah yeah your body is on point but its more than that. Your blog is on another level I reallly think that you are leauges above any of the others that read

  4. Women have been support systems for men but I can’t really say it’s been reciprocated as much. Black women work hard and I’m always happy too see their work being appreciated. Please check out our blog as well subscribe and leave a comment. It’ll be much appreciated 🙏🏿

  5. I’ve been following you now for a while, and as a human being I’m proud. when I see people doing what they want, empowering their talent and others with a positive vibe. Girl you made it long ago, and everything that will come into your path it’s an extra. So i’m just saying keep it up, let your inner self speak like you do and keep the good vibe,
    Love & Peace

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