5 Things Things That Currently Make Me Smile…

Because frankly I think we all need to smile a little bit more.

Firstly can I just say that I am loving the new direction my blog is taking and also the new followers I have picked up (is that a weird thing to say?) on the way. I decided a little while ago that I was going to use my site and more specifically the ‘Blog’ page as more of a diary and a way to record my feelings. In doing this I believe the content is that little bit better (outfits sill fire) and a lot more honest.
However I do believe this has left room for me to be a bit ‘rant-y’ which by the way is a word I think I just invented. Never fear the ranting will definitely be continuing in due time but for now I have written a list; of 5 things that are making me smile right now.


The TV show not the PAGANS who abuse me daily JOKING
I dont know what it is about 2018 but whilst I feel like everyone has a fire lit under them, I am returning to more simpler pleasures. I remember when I really just wanted to be invited to the parties/ launches/ premieres/ events in general, every night I would look online and see people ‘living it up’ and get genuinely upset that I wasn’t invited to the party. Now? Don’t get me wrong I love socialising for work and going to shindigs but there really isn’t anything better then chilling with people who really do like me *sassy shrugging emoji*

Face Masks

Well face-care in general. I am a very new new newbie when it comes to facial regimes and stuff. I blame instagram for this one you know, I never really saw the value in putting oddly textured and coloured things on my face only to wash them off 10 mins later. But the influencers got me! Plus my schedule becoming a little bt more bus means less sleep, which means I need a little bit more help than I used to becoming fabulous. Face masks are great.

Harry Potter

This is a no-brainer really, I think I have made it super clear to anyone who will listen/ read/ look that I adore the HP franchise. This may sound a little weird but I read/ watch it quite a lot (a lot of my friends think it Is a bit odd) but it makes me smile so it is on the list ok? ok (:


This may seem like an odd one but I can explain; there was a time when I used to DREAD being on air. This may sound odd because I bang on about how fun radio is all of the time and it is, it really is. There was a time however, before I moved to Capital XTRA that I fell out of love with radio, when you are in a position professionally or personally which is less than ideal. Be it a lack of money or just difficult circumstances in general; you can fall out of love with anything. I am so happy that in the last year especially I have found that passion again.


I know it sounds a bit odd but I used to think the longer I was up for, the more I deserved success. It is a mindset a lot of us have and it really is quite a damaging one. Getting a good nights sleep (as I am now realising in my old age) is so important to your productivity and your mental health. Now I don’t always get lots and lots of delicious sleep but when I can? Its lights out.

Let me know the little things that make you happy by dropping a comment belowΒ πŸ‘‡πŸΎπŸ‘‡πŸΎ

Yinka x

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8 thoughts on “5 Things Things That Currently Make Me Smile…

  1. kids go to bed at 7pm me and the hubby have tea and binge watch boxsets (power, black lightening, the walking dead…I actually love these) that is just my happy place. x x

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