January 2018

I know I cant be alone in thinking that there is something about January which really does feel like a new start or at least a refresher on the previous year. January definitely has something ‘new leafy’ about it, like its full of possibilities.
As we step into a new year I really do try to leave the ills of the past behind and enter January baggage-less and positive.
As it goes (for the most part) I am doing pretty well this year, I know we are only 21 days in but I’m trying I guess.
In saying that I also know that I cant be alone in feeling a little bit blue this month, now I don’t mean this in the traditional financial way, or the equally traditional ‘January Blues’ sense either. This is a very specific feeling.

I am not sure if this comes from myself or from all the ‘New Year New me’ posts but I feel a tonne of pressure this January, well I feel quite a bit of pressure on a normal day (live radio) but the start of this year has made it just that little bit more concentrated. The pressure to get things right and the pressure to make this year MY YEAR!!! I have had to log out of the internet quite a few times so that I am not too overwhelmed.

I can be the only one? Please tell me I am not the only one *crying cat face*

Let me tell you  cheeky story to try and explain the feeling: You eat all of the food over Christmas (by you I mean me) without any care given. A lot of us (by us I, again mean me) don’t even venture outside of our houses unless it is to get another bottle of red from the local offie. So why are we (by we I mean me, Yinka) so surprised that the January health and fitness kick is SO daunting and SO difficult and near impossible to keep up? Answer? THE PRESSURE

You may have guessed it a little because of a few of my previous posts but this year instead of focussing on the outside, I have decided to look after myself in a different kind of way. Self care no longer just means slapping on a facemask and sorting out my cuticles. Well I will still do that, cuticles are important (lol) but it isn’t just that anymore. It is logging off, quite literally and spending time with me, with the people who matter to me and also ensuring that there is a point to all of this.
I keep getting a vision of me turning 80 and looking back at photos of myself in my 20’s wondering why the heck I panicked so much and why I didnt take time to revel in the good times. I have picked a job that is a little bit more demanding than your average and I am BOSSING it. How about I smile about that? Enjoy the now before fretting about tomorrow?

I didnt take any pics to accompany this post as I started writing it not sure what it would become. You will have to deal with this 8am, at the doctors selfie *shrugging man emoji*

So a belated happy new year! And I will just leave you with note: we have the whole year (And the rest of our lives tbh) to achieve our goals, yes be productive and do what you can to achieve the things you desire. But also chill out too? Success ain’t going anywhere x

9 thoughts on “January 2018

  1. you hit the nail right on the head with this one yinka, for some reason this year everyone is going at a mile a minute and although it is good to see people working so hard it is exhausting as well
    Georgie x

  2. It’s daunting when you set yourself such high goals. Being ambitious isn’t easy lol. I agree with you. There is definitely an added pressure feeling every year, each January passing and you hit the nail on the head by saying embrace it! Keep BOSSING and next January (and each one following) the pressure will become less and less until eventually your in that dream place. Finding the balance is the most difficult thing *sigh*

  3. I know exactly what you mean. It’s my first year out of college, I’m attempting to be a freelancer (I’m an illustrator) and I’m turning 23 next month (I know it’s not old, but there are 18 year olds more successful than me ffs.) I have lists and goals and all that, but they all swirl around in my brain all the time so I just keep feeling the pressure of having to reach all my goals like tomorrow (silly, yeah.) BUT, yes. I try to remind myself to breathe. Let’s all not forget we’re only human

  4. I read this post after scrolling through Instagram and randomly stopping to read a caption
    Usually I just like your selfies but today I thought I would check the ‘hype’ behind YINKA

    I have to say that I am so happy I did, you are right. I look through insta and twitter and I think that I have to DO BETTER and compete
    But reality really isn’t like that, you talk a whole heap of sense Yinka

  5. Waoouu!! First time I’m stumbling on your blog, what you are saying is definitely true. As for me, I just go with one rule “be better than yesterday”. I’m Definitely going to subscribe and hoping to see more thoughtful contents.

  6. I like the direction you seem to be taking your blog in recently, i listen to your radio show quite a lot but i know that is just one side of you
    it is nice to see that im also not alone in feeling this way sometimes

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