“Did You Unfollow Me?”

Yes, yes I did.
I went on to your profile and clicked unfollow and when it asked me if I’m sure? Well if there was a ‘hell yeah’ option I would’ve hit it. Hard.
Dont make me feel bad about it please .
I used to be one of those people, you know them; the ones who are convinced that social media isn’t real. I used to find people so weird for 1.caring so much & 2.putting so much into their online ‘persona’.

Don’t worry I have seen the light & I have changed. One day I found myself combing through my old tweets, searching & making sure there wasn’t anything incriminating there (luckily I’m quite a polite tweeter) & it was this day that I realised that twitter is real. From when people are losing jobs/ publicly apologising/ having to leave the jungle because of tweets that they sent years ago. TWITTER IS REAL.
And this got me thinking; since we all live quite a fair bit of our lives on this here world wide web then maybe I should start to treat my online life a little bit more like my real life life. In my real life life I wouldn’t surround myself with people who make me feel bad about myself.
You may be reading this thinking ‘you unfollowed me the other day’ well yeah, I did and I would say sorry but I’m not.
I realised I was following people who I had either outgrown or had out grown me and loads in between. I still followed my ex-boyfriends, best-friends mum on Instagram, I mean…. What?
I am tired of giving the “Oh my gosh… Stupid Instagram… I DID NOT unfollow you.. How did that happen” excuse while the person is staring at me knowing I’m lying and I am sweating but we are both fully aware that this is the ONLY acceptable response.
Getting caught red-handed after unfollowing someone is awkward business and that is exactly why I have written this, so that you know it is actually ok.

The other day I did a bit of an Insta ‘purge’. Yep I did the unspeakable. I unfollowed almost all of the people whose pictures I ignore. You know what I’m talking about. There are certain people on your feed who you just scroll past. When was the last time you liked a pic? Or cared about what they were saying? I unfollowed all of the people I only followed because I felt like I had to. Now this is a weird one because saying it out loud and even writing it down just sounds silly but I know that you know exactly what I am talking about. The thing is, until Instagram develops a ‘mute’ button this is what I am going to do. I read so many stories and articles and captions about not focussing on the ‘perfect’ life people post on insta and to not worry about the #BodyGoals which are clearly photoshopped/ edited/ filtered and what not. But how do I not become consumed by this when it is all I’m choosing to see?
Note I said ‘almost all of the people’ earlier. I haven’t quite worked up the courage to go the full hog, but Im working on it.

I attempted to be funny and get my sister to FOLLOW me around Peckham yesterday taking pics (I actually giggled when I wrote that lol) but really I just wanted to break this post up a little bit with this cute Missoni jacket I picked up from a vintage store & my new wig (check how I got this style here)

So the moral of this unfollowing story is that you should really just do what is best for you, I mean its twenty eighteen and time to take back your happiness. I know you don’t want to admit it but I have spoken to enough people to know that I am not a freak and definitely not the only one. You watch other people too much. So how about curating that view and try to focus on things that don’t make you feel inadequate, or annoy you, or cause you to make this face 🙄🙄??

We spend more and more time online (check check da rhymez) so go on, you know you want to.. Press the button, click ‘yes Im sure I want to remove this from my life’ and free yourself from the burden of staring at something you just don’t want to.
Yinka x
(P.S. I hope I make it through your purge but if not I promise not to pull you up on it)

12 thoughts on ““Did You Unfollow Me?”

  1. Yo…this is so dope. Many of us don’t realize how social media and the following of everyone allows us to inherit these false personas. We don’t ask ourselves enough why I am feeling this way, did these emotions originate from within or am I crying like a little baby because someone just posted how that cute puppy is homeless and wont eat tonight if I don’t do something…? Be forewarned it is an uphill battle. Facebook will not let you unfollow everyone and will also limit how many unfollows you can do in a day. But don’t just take my word for it though.

    PS. Let me hold that Missoni real quick

  2. Totally agree even I unfollowed you in 2017 but truth be told now your back in my vision I’ll probably refollow you. Also your a #girlsaboutpeckham please holla would love to picture you for my project.

  3. Written so so well. I feel like you’ve just said what a bunch of us are thinking.
    You will never even know if you are the cause of someone’s unhappiness that’s why it’s good that you say you wouldn’t be mad
    Sometimes i look at your life and get jealous too

  4. Really enjoyed reading this so while you are unfollowing people on social medias I am going to follow you for speaking the truth. I also wrote a post just now about unfollowing and I will send it to everyone who made a big deal when I unfollowed them 😂

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