2017… So Far

It is tradition at this time of year for people to say “this year has gone soooooo fast hasn’t it?” Or “OH MY GOSH we are halfway through November already?!”
“JEEZ Louise!”
“Cor blimey!”
“Holy Shamoly!”..
…I have to be honest with you.
This year has been quite long for me. Not in a bad way. Just in a way that means that the time hasn’t gone fast.Β 2016? Gone in a blink. 2015? I mean, did it even happen?
But 2017? Yeah I feel like I have experienced each day. No weeks flew by, I haven’t lost months and wondered what I did or where the time went. I know exactly how I have spent the last 322 days. Am I the only one?

I think I know why, this is the first year that I have truly enjoyed myself at work. By this I mean it is the first year I have ONLY worked on my career: no side jobs hustling in a bar or doing admin in my uncles office. 2017 has (so far) been the year of Yinka The Presenting (and blogging and DJing) Badass. It’s been wonderful.
I have wanted to do a ‘My Year So Far’ round up since the summer because I do truly believe in documenting & celebrating your wins, even when they’re tiny. I worry though, if I list everything I have been up to will it seem braggy? Hopefully not. I also worry that if I list everything I will look at it and wonder why it’s so short & end up feeling like it isn’t enough (curse of the never satisfied)

Then I had this GEEEEENIUS idea (please note that THIS IS A LIE. It wasn’t actually me who had this idea but loads of other people so shout out you if you told me to do this!)
Anywho, last week I covered the breakfast show on Capital XTRA which was the most fun. I also had a few cool bookings and decided to take advantage of this by filming it for ya:

DON’T CALL IT A VLOG (or I will beat you up lol)
I often get asked what a typical day is like for me and also what it is I exactly do outside of radio. So hopefully this answers some of these burning questions and also makes me feel a bit better about spending the best part of this week (my week off) under my duvet, which is where I am right now typing.

Keep ya eye out for more Yinkdaddy Diaries (I’m determined to make ‘Yinkdaddy’ a thing)
I quite liked being followed around by a camera… Felt like a Kardashian lol

Shouts out to innervisionmedia for the visuals x

3 thoughts on “2017… So Far

  1. youre funny, if you think you dont do enough work then what hope is there for the rest of us?! i amone of those people who dm’d asking you to start making videos so thank you for paying attention! even if you did not reply lol

    Loe love love your video and love you! I was at the Nasty Gal talk but didnt get a chance to say hello in person!
    Love you Yinkdaddy ❀

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