Periods: Yuck

Eww. I know. It is something that even now in BIG BIG twenty seventeen we don’t talk about.
Whatever you want to call it: Aunt Flow, Big Red, Surfing The Crimson Wave (lol at that one) having your period is just one of those subjects that is still uncomfortable-talking for a lot of people.

A few months ago I did a Pink Parcel period talk and it made me realised that I had never really spoken about my periods before & that made me ask: why?
Don’t get me wrong; I have 4 sisters so we chat about our monthly’s quite a bit. But just amongst ourselves.
I genuinely believe that there is a taboo surrounding this whole subject. I know that physically going through a period isn’t pleasant. Bleeding… Yuck! And talking about it can be hard, especially for guys (I am assuming here) having a talk about what happens down there *points down* and not in a sexy way must be quite difficult, there is all this mystery involving the dreaded time of the month BUT it is so necessary.
Men understanding our cycles, moods and the physical strains of being ‘on’ in general is important and more than that; understanding it ourselves is crucial.

Below you can check out 5 reasons why starting the conversations about periods is so very important, and also you can watch my Pink Parcel talk and learn a bit more about me (and my period experience lol)

  1. Don’t you think it is time to break the stigma? Just like I touched upon up there *points up* having your period is natural. I am a working woman, I don’t go off-grid, cowering in a dark room for 4 days every month, I don’t hide away, regardless of pain. So speaking about this thing that affects half (ish) of the worlds population just makes a little bit of sense, right?
  2. Silence is harmful: I knew what to do when I first started mine, but not everyone does. Some start a lot earlier than others and some of the horror stories I have heard about girls thinking they were dying or injured because they had NO idea what a period was, well its upsetting.
  3. IT HAPPENS yeah. Maybe the most important of the five reasons, so why not stick in the middle hey?! We can’t get away from it really, I mean if you want to get all technical; yes there are contraceptives that can alter your cycle. But the majority of women, at some point in their lives will have a period. It is just as normal and involuntary as needing to eat.
  4. Theres no shame in the period game. What I mean by that is it really isn’t a curse. I think that staying silent and not having the conversation about periods makes the subject even more embarrassing. I remember wen I was in year5, all of the girls in my class were pulled out of lesson and a teacher spoke to us about tampons & pads. Yes that is great, but the boys weren’t invited. It was our ‘secret’. So from that moment it became the girls thing. None of the boys’ business
  5. Makes you feel normal.. To talk about it. I remember thinking I was losing too much blood or that my cramps were abnormal. But because I spoke about it to other women I realise that yes we are all different, but the stories are what helps us accept what happens in our bodies and realise we aren’t weird.

    Pink Parcel talk:

    I hope you enjoyed that! So yes: start the conversation with your friends, with your family or even with me in the comments!

    Yinka x

3 thoughts on “Periods: Yuck

  1. I think you’re right, it is good to talk about this stuff. One of my friends got toxic shock syndrome from a tamping when we were kids because she had no idea how to properly use it so yes we should start the conversation!

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