#GoBoldly (CAT Footwear)

Ermmmmmmm stop everything (unless you’re driving, if you’re driving then maybe stop reading this till you reach a safe location you daredevil you)

So a few months ago I shot for the new CAT Footwear campaign and it has finally dropped! Imagine my shock when I woke up one day last week and someone on Instagram had DM’d me saying that they saw a poster of me in Dubai which I DEFINITELY screenshot (and may print out tbh) to share with you here.


Do you know how cool this is?!?!

I really like the ethos of the new CAT campaign #GOBOLDLY because it really speaks to the sort of thing I try to promote; being yaself and all of that.
I know I faff on about embracing who you are quite a bit but it is things like this that make me realise that it is actually important, cos you know… You guys seem to be listening and if we are honest with ourselves; I really don’t fit the ‘model’ brief, so I guess companies are starting to pay attention too.

I have featured in campaigns before but never as the star, I am usually somewhere in the back/ crowd kinda like making up the numbers. I’m actually yet to see the photos in their poster glory, but one of my mates did send me this:

IMG_2344I think this is definitely the point when I tell you to send me a pic if you see it!
I am going to take this moment out to say that I did get a little bit of anxiety when I realised the campaign was live and not for the reason you may think.

I may have mentioned in a previous post that when I see the fruits of one particular labour it makes me feel lazy, I will be scrolling through Instagram and see that a brand has posted my work  THEN think ‘oh gosh that was in the past, what have I even done today?!’
Well I didn’t want those feelings to ruin this very cool thing so I read THIS
(yes I did just direct you to another blog post lol)

Here is a video which tells you what the Go Boldly campaign is all about:


This is the first time I have had a major feature in a campaign so I am so excited SO EXCITED! Obviously this is the first of many (hopefully) so keep an eye out for me init!

Have a look at some of the BTS pics below and of course shop the collection here


Have a good day ❤ Yinka x

7 thoughts on “#GoBoldly (CAT Footwear)

  1. mad i am listtening to your show now and i am reading your blog. if i drive past a billboard of you that will make my evening
    much love from west london
    amy x

  2. you are so bloody amazing, you need to be the face of something like for real for real cos they are missing out on someone like you

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