Harry Potter Studios (:

On Friday I got to do something sooooo special. I mean it wasn’t so special that you can’t experience it yourself because you can. Anyone can buy a ticket to the Harry Potter Studio tour and live their best lives BUT it was so special to me. Let breakout down one-time, in case you read this and get all freaked out cos I am going off on Harry Potter related tangents: I love Harry Potter.

The kind folk at TripAdvisor realised this and sent me and my friend Ralph to experience the Harry Potter studiooooooos *cue dramatic outdoor pic*

IMG_1002Sooooo coooooool

Realistically the tour takes around 3hours, when we were told that at the beginning of the night I literally scoffed. Then I was proved very wrong. But it is a great three hours tbh. If you have seen the HP movies I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll have a blast and there are so many photo opportunities just waiting for you to get your Instagram on..

We went on an evening where there was an opportunity to have Warwick Davis sign some merch for you but the queue for this was so long that it just wasn’t possible *sad face*

This is Warwick Davis BTW

I didn’t want to ruin it for you by posing EVERY single picture I took, but to be honest there is SO much to see that it would be a little excessive. Have a look below at some of the best bits from the evening, and it was such a nice evening although I would 100% give the butter beer a miss next time (all kinds of yuck)
I have left a few things for when you take the trip yourselves; the forbidden forrest, death eaters, knight bus and so on (there truly is loads).

Would I recommend the Harry Potter Studio tour in Leavesden? Hell to-the-bloody YES.
Just make sure you bring your walking shoes, a full battery and some money for the Hogwarts Express Trolley!

And yes I have definitely included unnecessarily detailed captions just to prove that I have excessive Harry Potter knowledge:

Literally just want to kiss the guys from TripAdvisor cos this was awesome ❤
Get ya tix

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  1. Jamilla says:

    LOL youre so cute

  2. Ola says:

    This is very cute
    I followe you on twitter and you’re always talking about Harry potte r

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