A Guide To Being Nice (A 5 Point List)

I have been promising a list- type post on my blog for a while so here I am finally delivering. Sometimes in order to effect change in ourselves and ultimately the world around us; we have to go back to basics so I have compiled a list of the reasons you should be nice to those around you (strangers and friends alike)
It may seem like an obvious one but I dunno, like I said: lets go back to basics.

We start (as always) at number 1:


Kindness = strength
Contrary to the popular belief that being nice shows weakness I propose this: showing kindness is actually a lot harder than treating people badly especially when the person in question is being an arse. It is strong to hold your tongue and speak positively ESPECIALLY to those who don’t show you the same favour.


I think it is quite clear that it is often the people who smile the most who feel the most pain but more than that you have no idea the effect your words have on people. Words can make or break a person and I know which one I want to do.

feels good
It feels good
to be kind. Be honest! I know that we (well me anyway) want to be seen as a ‘no nonsense taking, can’t mess with me’ badass! But being nice to people makes you feel good. I know this is a bit of a selfish one lol you can’t deny the truth though!


Being nice to people isn’t just good karma (AND IT IS GOOD KARMA) but it is good for business as well. I think I have to break this one down a little bit, bear with me:
There are many ways to get to the top of your game, some people slog it out and go from job to job until they finally reach the top of their ladder, others get lucky, some just shoot their shot for the top and make it. It doesn’t matter which one of these applies to you but what does matter is how you treat people along the way. The way down is loooooong and it would be great to cushion the fall with a few friends.


And finally…Β Being mean/ rude/ a prat in general (please delete as applicable) achieves nothing. Genuinely.
Think about it, you get nothing from being horrible to someone so just be nice. OK?

Yinka x

5 thoughts on “A Guide To Being Nice (A 5 Point List)

    Iagree with you it does feel like a lot of our peers have forgotten the simple art of being nice
    i think yinka it is because we live in a ‘dog eat dog’ world now where we all want what everyone else has
    but being nice is good for your soul

  2. This is so true I agree, I am too hard on myself most of my life I have been a nice guy and want to change my career but apparently there are no nice guys in business, I’ll try my best to be nicer, more vocal and polite

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