Take Some Time…

… Off

Hello, Hi!

Your friendly neighbourhood Yinkdaddy here to drop a bit of wisdom on ya.
Well to be honest it isn’t really wisdom because it is only something I have learnt recently but since my last post I have been receiving a lot of messages and questions about this so I thought it would be good to expand on my point (:
If you haven’t a clue as to what I’m babbling on about, see previous post here

I figured it would be a bit rude not to share. So lets just pretend that it is wisdom and I am some kinda oracle/ spy shall we?
This is a pretty well kept secret and after researching (stalking you all on social media) I am confident not a lot of people are aware of so read this real slow ok?
IT…IS…. OK……… TO………. TAKE……………. TIME………………… OFFΒ πŸ™€πŸ™€
I know right. Mental.

Mate, I scroll through my Instagram and then when that gets boring I scroll through Twitter, on occasion I may give Facebook a little love (lol)
But seriously do you know what I see? Everyone (including myself, I am not exempt from this don’t worry I know myself) doing the absolute most.
I realised this was a real thing when I took a few days last week to just chill out, I went to France with my mate and it was lovely. I mean we went to the beach (south of France) watched movies, ate in restaurants, pretty much just chilled. But when I got home I had this overwhelming feeling of missing out, on work. Weird.


I would like to take this moment to say that this post isn’t about turning down opportunities or not working hard, I believe that you should take full advantage of everything that comes your way (grabbing the proverbial bull by its massive horns and all of that)
I am also a huge advocate for working hard, I don’t have any clever metaphors or funny anecdotes for this one, I just think working hard is necessary grrrrr.
This post is about that niggling feeling you get when you are sitting at home, be it on your sofa or bed and that little voice starts chatting.

F*CK that voice. I know that I am doing enough, I know that going to bed instead of the premiere/ latest drink/ eyebrow mascara/ clothing launch *delete as applicable* is fine (but please don’t stop inviting me). I know that it doesn’t matter if I am ‘seen’ to be working and the real job is my radio show or voiceovers or hosting or mashing up the decks (yep I said that)
My real job isn’t to be seen like I am constantly going, and going, and going.
But thats the problem with the stupid human brain, or mine at least. I still get so consumed with what all of you are up to, I lose focus of what I am doing.
To the point that I am sitting writing this in my room on an afternoon off and I genuinely feel like I am being a bum.
This is a sickness people.

I don’t know when it happened but (for me at least) snapping pics on holiday louuuuunging by the pool is no longer desirable. You NEED to know that I am working my arse off,
Ive been reassured by lots of mates that looking from the outside in, you would think that I am doing SO MUCH, so why am I so worried?
Let me be honest with ya; I don’t know how to cure this disease that so many of us seem to have but I am trying. Im trying by not ONLY posting whilst working. Not concentrating so hard on what the rest of you seem to be doing, and actually giving myself designated days to chill out and do things that aren’t related to work (most difficult one I think)

I don’t know, I could be alone in this but I suspect I am not. Lets just take this moment to clarify:
1. You are doing fine.
2.What everyone else is up to has absolutely no bearing on your success
3. Taking time off is good!

That’s it, I am done preaching now, I promise x

A few pics of myself in the sassiest pyjamas I’ve ever seen? Quite clearly I am ‘taking time off’ …. but not from swaggin EL OH EL (:

10 thoughts on “Take Some Time…

  1. LOOOOOOOL Dont worry it definitely isnt you! I agree we all watch other people but honestly you are one of those that i look at and think that i wish i was doing more like you so youre doing something right there yinka bokinni

  2. errrm you look so different with your hair these different ways but back to what this post is about
    I agree with you whole hearted about taking time off, it is so good to take time off to jus be human

  3. Just seen the UEA Award nominations for best presenter and I’ll be honest I haven’t ever heard of any of those people
    Can’t believe you’re not nominated

  4. Lol I’m not a professional disagrer I promise and negativity doesn’t live here πŸ˜‹

    The concept and idea of taking time off is a great one but not when your earnings are average and you have too many responsibilities. A day off for me would be devastating 😳😳😳

    And being a dumbass my job opportunities aren’t great to switch up.

    But I take positivity from your energy and writing is such a great way to channel emotions

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