A Year….

You know how they say that a lot can change in a day? Well , just imagine the difference a year can make.
As I type this, I am currently sitting in the Capital XTRA studio on what is my 1st anniversary eek (insert confetti emoji here pls)
I figured what better way to celebrate than to reflect upon one of the biggest lessons this year has taught me? (It was a rhetorical question please don’t answer it thanks)

This last year has been (for my standards) a bit mental. I am my worst critic and I constantly berate myself, thinking that what I do isn’t enough. I am the kind of person who will work for 14 days straight and on my day off worry I am not doing enough. I know I am not alone in this, I’ve spoken to so many people in multiple fields and the consensus is the same: we are too hard on ourselves.
I have learnt that to do more doesn’t mean working all hours of the day for little result, it is picking the things I spend my time and effort on WISELY and not being lured by the feeling that I always need to be on.

It is easy to forget the victories (even the little ones) so I started a thread on twitter in March, which is a way to document things I have been up to. I mean it is so easy to dismiss what you have achieved and just think about the things that didn’t happen AND obsess over the things that are yet to come. Stupid human brain.
I add to it whenever I do something cool, not as a show of how fabulous I am but just as a little reminder to myself:


Obviously it wouldn’t be a celebration without a cheeky photoshoot & my mate Kaylum (who just so happens to be a badman photographer) came into the studio and took a few snazzy pics of me looking all 90’s and that:

As I round up this post it occurs to me that even though I haven’t become the Beyonce of Peckham YET I am pretty happy with how I am doing. Not ecstatic I’ll be honest but check back in next year and I just might be (:

12 thoughts on “A Year….

  1. Weird that platforms like GRM daily and Colour Network don’t even mention you but you’re out here just killing he game
    Keep shining and soon they will be forced to pay attention to you

  2. I listen to you almost every day driving home from work and you have the best banter on the radio. I think you are right about being hard on ourself from looking at you i see someone who is killing it and i dont kno why you would think otherwise
    keep going and when you reach the top youll see how great you are

  3. You have shot into the light this year and you have really become a star. Soon we will see you in the magazines and on tv
    i think you were born to it

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