2 Do’s 1 Scarf


It has been a while since I made one of these silly videos so I thought what better time than now? (The answer is none)

I recorded this a little while ago in my mate Dan’s living room (shout out Dan)
I get asked quite a bit about how I style my natural hair when it isn’t in wigs/ braids/ hidden away in general.
I have to admit that it isn’t always a cup of tea having my hair texture. I mean I have had it a while, all my life to be exact. But sometimes I have awkward hair days, months even years. If you follow me on Insta you will know that my current ‘bad hair’ day has lasted just over a month (and counting) so bandana’s/ scarves and material in general come in handy quite often andΒ I don’t know about you but sometimes I don’t have the hour or more it takes to perfect the successful wash and go (on a side note, why do we call it a wash & go when it really isn’t that AT ALL??)

Here we have my two go-to styles using a very snazzy bandana, these are genuinely quick and easy and personal I think they look fabulous (:

I hope you enjoy the video, it took forever to find all of these sounds so watch with the sound on pls (: And you can find all the info on the products used down below

Songs: Bryson Tiller- Run Me Dry
Hardy Caprio- Unsigned

Edge control: Design Essentials
Scarf: Blitz LondonΒ (you would have to go into their Hanbury Street store topic this bad boy up)
Brush: Denman

I am constantly chopping (quite literally) and changing my hair and I really do mean to document it more. I have a few videos currently in the ‘edit stage’ in my iMovie which will see the light of day eventually… Eventuaaaaaaallly
So until then I hope you enjoyed this and drop any vid suggestions below x


7 thoughts on “2 Do’s 1 Scarf

  1. I am in the awkward stage of growing my hair out so i will definitely be trying both of these styles. Now just to get a scarf as cute as yours!

  2. listennnnnnn this girl is perfect, her hair is so cute and sh doesnt even feel the need to put on tons of makeup to video herselg
    get her on tv now

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