Hashtag DoYou

This is just a quick post celebrating something that I hope you know (by now atleast) I believe in.
Puma have dropped a new line of clothes and they’re great, but this isn’t about where you can buy the range (JD Sports) but really it is about the hashtag that accompanies this new line.

I took these pictures a little while ago, definitely on a day that I was feeling particularly snazzy.
Yes I think the new Puma range is cute and lovely to wear but this post is a little more than that. I actually attempted to wear this set a few days after this shoot (after a wash of course) and it didn’t fit the same, now I don’t know if this is because I inexplicably gained weight in those 3 days or if my mind had just decided that I was fatter? (The question mark is there because I am still trying to wok this out)

I don’t know if it is just me but I definitely go through phases of self acceptance. I hope it isn’t just me. One day I am posting a picture of my bare, freckly face on Instagram & loving it and other days I’m seriously considering FaceTune as a legitimate editing tool.

I try to portray an honest image online, not that I post crying selfies (I’m not gonna lie; I find these odd) but I try to show people the real side of what I do. Be it blogging, presenting, DJing; I don’t just want to be this unobtainable person, which I could even imagine being.
I don’t know why but I feel obliged to show the flip side of what can seem like a lovely shiny coin, because not everyone wakes up every day with the ability to immediately be incredible! For most of us (even if its only sometimes) it can take a bit of work.

I guess my point when writing this is that sometimes ‘doing me’ isn’t being the most fabulous version of Yinkdaddy, but knowing that just because I have a rubbish body-image day or a bad day at work; there are still fabulous days on the horizon! Lol

So however you feel today, be it super sparkly and delicious or if you feel like a crusty foot. Do it with pride because no one can #DoYou like you can!

Yinka x

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