Saturday Sass

So if you follow me on Instagram you will know that the title of this blog is touch inaccurate because I actually took these photos yesterday (naughty Yinka) but here we have a quick lil outfit that I put together, posted up against a graffiti covered wall (because I am just sooo cool) to sass up your Saturday ❤

I picked up this denim dressing gown (this is how I am choosing to describe it) the last time I was in Blitz Vintage (I think I have gushed about Blitz before on my blog but it really is my favourite vintage shop, especially for picking up little gems like this) anywhoo… With the warm weather we have been having this week, it has finally become warm enough for me to wear it out yayyy.

I really do love shopping vintage, if only for the fact that you’re probably not gonna bump into seven people at the same event wearing what you are wearing. That’s never fun!

I styled up this little number with a sassy little bralet from Ann Summers it’s called the Willa bra and is currently on sale (lovestruck face)
I am such a fan of underwear as outerwear and Ann Summers have some really lovely pieces at the moment.

I popped on a grey skirt from Nicce which is actually part of a co-ord and also happens to be on sale at the moment (this is turning out to be a pretty bargain-hunter-friendly post.)

And to finish off this loooook I wore my brand spanking new Dr Marten’s which are the BEST THING EVERRRR
They are from the new Beavis & Butt Head collaboration, and I popped down to the launch a few weeks ago at the Exposure-London space.

But yeah these shoes are bloody brilliant tbh.

So there you have it, a cheeky splash of sass on your Saturday (if you are reading this on the day I posted it, if not please ammend)
Here are some bloopers for you and bye x

5 thoughts on “Saturday Sass

  1. Always love your posts
    And I adore these boots I was wondering how you were gonna style them when I saw you post them to your Instagram

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