Tassel Tuesday

Afternoon (:

Its a very dreary Tuesday and I am sitting here in my PJ’s and dressing gown feeling a little bit down at the fact that it would seem that the sun did not rise today.

I do not know, for the life of me why it has taken so long for me to upload these pics, which I took just after Christmas. I could blame it on the January blues (which are definitely a real thing) or on being busy at work (which I kiiiiiiinda have been)

Annnnnnywho… Have a look below for a mini-fashion fix to brighten up your day and we can celebrate the fact that January will be over in a few short hours!


This outfit is from Gingham Doll who are a London based boutique. Every item is handmade to order by Bab’s and just drips with luxury. They also have a showroom on Brick Lane in London.

I am wearing the Destiny Fringed Pencil Skirt with their signature backless cami which is just so, so lush.


On a different note; these photos (which were taken by the beautiful Olufemi Photography) have made me realise just how much free space I have for more tattooooooos. So I have booked a session for some new ones (haha) next month and I couldn’t be more excited (:


So there yo have it just a teeny- tiny fashion fix to distract you from the dullness of today.
Oooh and before I go can we all just appreciate the name of this blog post (lolzies)
I am particularly proud!

Have a good week ❤

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