A Lil Sparkle For Ya

Alriiiiight here it is! What you have been waiting foooooor (I assume)

Let me set the scene; There is on a day until New Years and you’re still looking for things to wear?
Dont deny it, it happens to me every year, so this year I decided to be nice to ya and give you some NYE style tips/ suggestions (:

Here we have 5 Ways to SPAAAARKLE up your NYE outfit!
Now these are in no particular order but I do think that at least one will help ya! You are welcome in advance 😀
To be fair I think we can all use a little sparkle in our lives in general so take these suggestions with you into the New Year and not just tomorrow!

  1. Eye gels

    This bad boy pallet is from none other than the best shop in the world: Primark! Which by the way has upped its make-up and accessory game in a crazy way.

  2. Choker

    I got this from Boohoo, but I have seen many of this type on the highstreet (I wouldn’t trust ordering online this close to the big-day)

  3. Disco Boots

    Yeah these are NOT for the faint hearted, if you fall you may hurt more than your pride, but when worn successfully these bad boys will have you standing so far out of the crowd you won’t believe it! These are from FOREVER FEVER and they are simply fabulous. Dorothy (wizard of Oz) meets Pete Burns (am I right?!?!?!?)

  4. The Dress

    Another Boohoo feature here. This type of dress is sooooo ‘in’ at the moment (yes I hated myself a little bit for saying that, but its truuuue)
    I have to be honest, I (a) Feel pretty naked in this but in a great way, and (b) never felt as sassy as I did in this. If it was practical for me to wear dresses of this nature all-damned-day then…… Yeah…. 100%

  5. The Jacket

    This is from Jaded London, and the one thing I absolutely adore about this jacket is that it livens up ANYTHING. If you are a ‘minimal’ effort kinda gal than this is good for you, throw it on and BOBS YOUR UNCLE you have yourself an outfit fit for that stroke of midnight kiss haha

There you have itttt: My 5 tips to sparkle up your New Year! (Which I hope helped ya a little and if not I hope the pics kept you entertained)
All pics taken by my very talented photographer sister: OlufemiPhotography
Check out her website here

I’ll be back in 2017! Until then be saaaaaaaafe (:


12 thoughts on “A Lil Sparkle For Ya

  1. I have been waiting for you to do a proper POST in ages! I hope you are back for good because I have missed your blog
    I love the new circle photos that open into the slide show and also i love the sparkle!

    Missed you Yinka Bokinni



  3. You are such an inspiration, even though I see you growing I am so happy you have remained the same since I first started following you
    Love you yinka


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