Bad Brunch

Yinka’s Bad Brunch

So what else have I been up to?
If you follow me on any of the many social media platforms you will know that  I have recently started trying my hand at evennnnts.
Aaaand you know know know its serious when you have your own ILLUSTRATION!


It is quite funny, because when I was promoting my launch event on Instagram and Twitter quite a few people thought thats it was a podcast or a new type of show I was working on maybe. Whichhhhh makes sense considering my day job, but no people!! It is actually a brunch, with real food, and real drink, and real vibes (lol)

Here is the info you need:

Name: Yinka’s Bad Brunch
Venue: Proud East 
What else? : Turning Brunch on its head, we serve breakfast in the afternoon and dessert is compulsory, each Bad Brunch meal ticket comes with a bottomless cocktail which is our soup of the day (lolzies)
Our in house magician, caricaturist, games such as ping pong and pool will keep you entertained after dinner while the sounds of our resident DJ’s create the perfect vibe (yes I described the vibe as perfect, because it is)

Did somebody say caricature?!?!


For me, when hosting any type of event; the venue is very important and that is where I think I’ve hit the jackpot. Proud East is gorrrrgeous, it is located just off of Kingsland Road and overlooks the Canal *loveheart eyes emoji*

Our first Bad Brunch launched in Novemberrrrrr and here is what happened:

Christmas special (event no2) with our very own Bad Santa & Santa’s Sexy Helper.

Full pix from both events can be found on my Official Facebook Page

Before we move on can we just take a second to appreciate how sassy Santa and his helper Isabella are?!

Its going really well so far, I would like to take this saucy little moment to thank everyone who has bought a ticket, had a munch with me and especially to those who have returned: YOU’RE AWESOME!

Or Xmas special was featured on Design My NIght’s top things to do in Dec!!

NYE is our next brunch event, early bird tickets have sold out buttt there are still some brunch, and after-brunch tickets available.

In the New Year I hope to hold Yinka’s Bad Brunch monthly, if you know ANYTHING about me you will know that my absolute dream is to have a Harry Potter themed brunch. You laugh but I’m not joking! It’s gonna happen! I have put it out there, into the universe, you watch missy!

Also! Keep an eye on BadBrunch.Com  which is constantly updating with pictures and event news (:

And wish me luck!

Get tix to our NYE brunch here and come and line ya stomachs with us!

Yinka xx

2 Comments Add yours

  1. lychee says:

    Good on you for this 🙌🙌

  2. Julie says:

    Gonna have to see if I can make the next one, food looks to die for!

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