Don’t Call It A Comeback

Hello! And welcome to the first in a series of ‘catch-up’ posts here on my blog. I said after posting my Blitz Collaboration that I would tell you what I have been up to in the months that I have been neglecting my DotCom.

At first I tried to do it in one post, but it quickly became clear that I was rambling on like the drunk guy everyone avoids at the house party! Why do those guys always position themselves at the drinks table? I mean I am parched but I can’t pour myself another rum & coke without listening to this guys speech…

Anywhooo pull up a chair, stick the kettle on and crack out the chocolate HobNobs. I’ve got some explaining to do..

Excuse No.1:


I know right?! If there was ever a reason to put blogging on the back burner this is one of them. If you ever check (and you will be forgiven if you don’t) the other pages of my website, you will notice that the ‘About Me’ and “presenter’ pages are looking a little odd. First of all; this is temporary, but more importantly it is because I am no longer working at Rinse FM
I am now on Capital Xtra *dances around room* Monday-Thursday evenings 7-10pm
ANNNNNND Saturday afternoons 1-4pm booyahhhh


I know, its amazing right? But thats the thing, I started my new job in September and have been toiling (what a great and under-used word) away trying to make the show great, hence this being one of my excuses for not posting (:
The thing is; moving to such a big station and having such a good show time meant that I had to put other things on hold (even if only for a little while) until I got comfortable with my new surroundings and spaceship like studios.
This isn’t me saying that I am now a supersonic radio don, but I’m on the way haha


I do have to admit that it was hard leaving my last job, and scary going into something which at the time just seemed so huge (it still seems just as big now but I’m slowly getting used to it)
I can’t even express how happy I am now, I know that people usually connect in sadness and for some reason if you express too much joy and too much pride in what you have achieved it can come across as cocky, or conceited, but I don’t mind, not today anyway. Im proud of myself. For me, this is something that I have wanted for such a long time and something I have been working towards so right now I’m over the moon.


So there you have it! Excuse number one: my new job (woohoo)

Please expect a few more posts from me this week updating you on all things Yinka Bokinni! And by the end of it we will be all caught up, and you’ll understand a little and most importantly; we can move on lol.

(I realise I should’ve started this yesterday, which was Monday, and posted one a day but me being me, I didn’t.)

Yinka x

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