Yinka x Blitz Vintage

Hello! I know I know it has been a while since we have spoken and I promise I can explain! A little later this week I will have a full date and many well thought-out, air-tight, bullet-proof excuses for you!

Today though,  we are talking about a shoot I did early last week with Blitz Vintage, which is one of if not THE BEST vintage shop everrrrrr.

If you don’t know about Blitz I suggest you give them a follow on Instagram and also pop into the store cos if not you’ll probably regret it forever (forever ever? Forever ever)

I also took over their in store playlist (which you can check out below) and provided some vibes with a few of my favourite tunes old and new. Aaaand styled by the amazing @mariapigeon & @_leannejapan took a few pics in some of the amazing clothes from the store.




So the location for this shot was just amazing, it was in a teeny tiny bookshop a few doors down from Blitz. Obviously I took a few sneaky pics of the interior, it was just so sassy!


Some of these pieces are available to buy on the Blitz Depop

Now if you follow my Instagram, you will know that I am no stranger to the wonders of Blitz vintage so when they asked me to take over their inshore playlist; my jaw hit the floor and I tripped over my tongue (lol)

Have a listen here:

Don’t forget to follow me on Spotify as I’ll be updating this regularly (:

Have a read of my Q&A on the Blitz Blog.
Aaaand stay tuned for more updates to my blog this week ❤


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