7 Things I Tell Myself Everyday

The good, bad and the ridiculous

Recently I have been struggling a little, not with things to write about or ideas. No that isn’t the issue, my issue is that I have ideas, loads, constantly, throughout the day. I write them everywhere; in my diary, in the notes in my phone, Microsoft word (lol) but it is the execution. I start to write something, or piece a (FIRE) outfit together and then… Nothing.
Every point I was planning on making is gone, the skirt I was sure went with the hat no longer match and I just sit there.
So I decided to go back to the beginning and see where this blockage was coming from. Not unlike when a sink drain gets blocked. I doubt you would just accept that you can no longer wash up. I assume that you would try a few remedies; be it bleach down the hole or boiling water, and if that didn’t work you would open the cupboard underneath this metaphorical sink and find the issue (or call a plumber to do this but for the sake of this argument we are going to do it ourselves)
So after deciding to find out not only WHAT the problem was but WHY it was happening I realised its potentially self inflicted. This is where we get to the actual point of what I am saying.
I don’t know if this will help anyone but hopefully I am not alone in some of these, these being the 7 thing I’ve realised I tell myself daily:


It is going to be a good day:

I am a positive- affirmation kind of girl so each morning when I wake up I repeat this to myself. It may sound silly but what is the worst it can do? OK so it may not make a difference but it might just.

psx_20160903_205333This is a terrible day:

Yes I know that this is the actual opposite to thing number 1. But it’s true, be it missing my bus or spilling coffee on myself. The smallest thing can trigger this thought. Objectively I know that things could go a lot worse and also I know that if I spill coffee on myself at 6am there is A LOT of the day remaining so to write it off at that moment is silly but it happens.. Everyday.


You can do it:

I don’t know if it is because I am always tired (5am daily start vibes) but most days I have to convince myself that I can do something. Be it go to an audition or back-to-back meetings.
It could always be worse, you may not be in the position that you want to be but believe me, there is someone out there who looks at what you are doing and wishes is was them. It is so easy to be your worst critic but sometimes try being your biggest fan. (I am attempting to adopt this advice)


Less is more

Maybe not when it comes to clothes, ok maybe sometimes when it comes to clothes (lol)
honestly I tell myself this multiple times a day.
a lot of us have started to realise that make-up may not be our best friend; so I tell myself it then, also when it comes to food (but there is more about that below) on a serious note I know that I have the capacity to be quite full on, so I adopt this mantra in the ‘maybe I shouldn’t send that 3rd email/ text/ Whatsapp’. Which is 100% a good thing if it is you who is the receiving end of my hate-mail, but on the flipside, the ‘maybe I shouldn’t give my all in this situation’ is a less than good thing.

psx_20160905_111150YOU DON’T WANT TO EAT THAT
Which is a lie…I do want to eat it, whatever it is and I will… Every. Damn. Time


Also a lie, I never regret eating it, whatever it may be. Even with a growing waistband and ever ‘shrinking’ jeans I will tell myself I don’t want the cake then proceed to cut the biggest slice, down it in one and contemplate another. I have accepted myself for this.


What would Beyonce do?

I guess this one doesn’t really count because it is a question, but it is important! I don’t really idolize anyone but it is a fact the both Beyonce and I have the same 24hrs in our days, it is what we do with them that makes the difference. By asking myself this (very silly question) it helps me sort the petty from the necessary when facing daily struggles.

There you go, please tell me I am not alone in atleast SOME of these otherwise I’ll just go and crawl back into my hole… tata

P.S Pics taken by Uncle Ade

6 thoughts on “7 Things I Tell Myself Everyday

  1. Reading this makes me feel a little bit more normal, I thought it was just me that told myself the most silly things
    Thank you for sharing Yinka!

  2. this is so relate able i eat every damn thing in sight lol and my shrinking clothes doesn’t stop it food is amazing i blame it on the food

  3. The first one I can definitely relate too….I gotta tell ,self that it’s gonna be a good day and most of the time it helps I try not to tell myself the 2nd one but I end up doing so if it gets to be too messed up

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