Yinka Bokinni x House Of Sunny

I went and spent some time with the guys and girls at House Of Sunny recently, we laughed a bit took some photos and I selected my top 5 tunes of the moment for their studio play list.

House of Sunny is a bloggers dream! It is full of monochrome, clean lines and most importantly; it is affordable. Shop the House Of Sunny website here

Look below for the pics we took together (all of the clothes are available to buy now) and also to have a listen to the songs I selected!


Have a listen to my Top 5 Songs Of The Moment via my SoundCloud, ooh and follow me for more super well put together playlists!

Oh and they featured me in their Newsletter! Which is pretty cool, you have to be signed up to receive it which of course I am so I took a screen shot of it since it would be rude not to share:


Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 15.53.35.png


So there you have it: Yinka Bokinni x House Of Sunny.. A very cool thing
Have a good day!

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