Unicorns and Cats

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Last weekend I met up with one of my favourite photographers to catch up and take some pics, he goes by the name of Joshua and no it isn’t the Joshua who is my boyfriend, he is a different person. Surname Brathwaite, vibe: awesome.
I have worked with Josh before so I made sure I brought out the BIG (pink) guns for this shoot.

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Even though the weather isn’t necessarily reflecting this; Spring is upon us. The shops have switched the winter coats for mesh and 3/4 lengths. I am a believer of speaking things into existence so hopefully if I dress and talk about the weather warming up then it could, possibly just take mercy on me.

On quick note before I continue; it hadn’t snowed freakishly in April when I took these photos! I promise it was just a little bit windy haha.. but yes here is me PRAYING for warmth and until then i’ll keep dressing like fashion has no temperature! Enjoy x

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Top: Nude Mesh from H&M
I know I was going on a bit about shopping for this season but this top is actually from a few years ago.. Sorry.
And to all of you who are reading this probably thinking  ‘WHERE IS SHE?’ ‘WHAT A CRAZY SEXY LOCATION’ ‘LOOK AT THAT ARCHITECTURE’ and I assume there are a lot of you; this was at the National Theatre, which is on the South Bank. Specifically; we took these photos one of the many roofs/ balconies.
Its a pretty lush (in terms of concrete and gangster) location.

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The bra that I am wearing is from Tezenis and is unfortunately sold out online! It was from their SS16 collection and came in quite a few designs, I also have the Lemon one. I got this from the Tezeni’s store on Oxford Street  once I couldn’t get it online. This kinda of bra is a bloggers dreammmmmm; unicorns and pink mesh? 1million likes haha

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My slides are OFCOURSE from the Puma x Fenty range and are the best thing to drop this year. They come in three colours (black and white are the others) and are the most comfortable slipper ever. If I wasn’t scared of ruining them I probably wouldn’t take them off. They are literally what my dream are made of (faux fur and cats lol)

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And to finish this FIRE outfit off, I have these gorgeous socks from Stance.
Now I don’t usually rant and rave about my socks but these are pretty awesome, and actually stand up to the rest of what I am wearing.

I have been asked a few times who styles me, which is A flattering and B not so flattering.
Its flattering because it would seem I have enough style to be styled and it is not so flattering because I obviously pride myself on my style. So to answer that question: no one, or me! I style me haha.
See below for outfit details and links to shop x

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  • The Fenty Sliders sold out in minutes online, however Puma are always dropping pieces from their sick collar with Bad Gal RiRi so keep an eye on that site
  • The Tezenis bra is sold out but  this brand do pretty cool underwear in general, especial in the triangle/ non padded area. So SHOP here
  • Shop the Stance collection (Rihanna has a collaboration with this brand too)

If you are a blogger/ are looking for a super boss don to take your pics make sure you check out Joshua Brathwaite… He is amazing

Love x


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