Word o the street is that the beautiful humans at Depop think that I am a particularly stylish human, so they came down to Peckham to hang out with me for the day, take some pics and hear me talk about my 3rd favourite thing in this world: myself (lolzers).DSCF3048

I started (opened?) a Depop shop a little while ago, Depop is an app that allows you to buy and sell thing. It works on a follower/ following basis much like instagram.
So when the Depop team wanted to meet me and feature me on their blog I jumped at the chance (obviously)
I have popped a few of the pics from the shoot below, a link to the blog feature and also details of how to follow me on the Depop app below.
Enjoy x


I will tell you what I am wearing here because I always tell you what I am wearing, details below.


The jacket is from C&A and is about 20years old
I got the cardigan from a vintage shop in east London, to be fair I think you can get this style quite easily in most vintage shops.
Top is from H&M
Skirt: Misguided

DSCF3194Boots: CAT AND available to buy on my Depop! Shop them here


I picked my top 10 songs at the moment as well:



Read the full feature on the Depop blog, with me taking about fashion, music and my Rinse FM show here.
There are also loads more photos from our journeys around Peckham

And lastly follow me on the GLORIOUS app and shop my wardobe!

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