What I Wore Today

As promised, I am posting to the blog side of my website more. Not only because I feel obliged but because its fun (:
Have a look below for details of an outfit I am pretty proud of , all pics taken by my resident photographer (and boyfriend) Josh.


So firstly; these photos were not taken today, no, the name of this post is a complete lie BUT it is definitely what I wore on THIS particular day so thats ok right? Yeah course it is.
The jacket is from Blitz Vintage (Levis) and probably going to be on my back all summer, if you are in need of some new denim I strongly recommend giving their Hanbury Street store a visit, you won’t be disappointed.


If you have seen me out and about over the last two week you will definitely notice the bottoms that I am wearing (since I haven’t taken them off)
These trousers are from a company called Duvet Days and as the name suggests they were once a duvet. This brand is just amazing. They up-cycle nostalgic childhood bed sheets and turn them into bespoke tailored pieces. Yes I got that description from their website BUT it really is a wonderful thing and recycling is definitely something that I support especially when it is done this well.

DSC_0094Who wouldn’t want the epic scene of Tarzan fighting Sabor on their butt? If the answer is you then unfortunately we cant be friends, which is a shame.

DSC_0061 I want NO I NEED a Groovy Chick suit in my life, so if anyone has the bed sheets holla at me ok? (:


Last summer I was very lucky to be invited to customise my own pair of Colorado boots from Cat Footwear, so unfortunately you cant buy this exact design (because its mine mwahahahahahahahhaa) but you can shop the Colorado collection here
I am the annoying kind of person who waits for ages to wear something because I am worried i’ll ruin it or get it dirty or something, and then by the time I do it is out of season! Sorry!

DSC_0080This bag is from the ‘Dreamy Picnic’ collection from Jump From Paper. Now there are various reasons as to why this bag is probably the best over the shoulder laptop holder around; the most obvious of which being its mind-blowing ‘Is it 2D or 3D?’ design. You can shop the S/S16 collection here
Dont be surprised if this isn’t the last time you see this bag on my blog.


So there you have it! A pretty cool outfit (if I do say so myself)
As always Josh and I took too many photos so have a scroll below to feed your eyes a bit more, and have a good day ❤






Bless up!

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