twenty something

I recently spent some time with a photographer called Aaron Cheesman, which is probably the best surname ever (apart from mine obviously.)
Any who; I love working with new people on my blog and in life in general, the thing about working with new photographers is that you, or I rather, get to see myself in a completely different light.
When I started this write up I thought it was just going to be me talking about the day Aaron and I had; three outfits and the coffee we drank during this cool East London vibe-a-thon; but as the post developed it became a little bit different. So think of this a little bit of a rant, a little bit of very cool fashion and a little bit random on a Monday. And big up Aaron for making me look just a little deeper ❤


Being in your 20’s is supposed to be amazing, or so my dad keeps telling me. He turned to me the other day and told me that I don’t know how lucky I am and that I am completely unaware of the endless opportunities before me. I get it. Advice from someone older is filled with nostalgia and tinged with regret, aunts and uncles and grannies on buses constantly tell me that youth is wasted on the young.


Everyone has a plan; build in your 20’s, make mistakes in you 20’s. Do the things in your 20’s that you were too young to do a few short years ago.

On paper it seems so simple, yes I say paper because I am one of the few people I know who actually writes stuff down. In a journal, with a pen.
I write down want I want to do, how I can do it and what I have done to achieve it. But in this world of fame and success coming to younger and younger people I sometimes feel ancient. I have digressed; on paper this is so simple but in reality it isn’t. I want to be successful, I want to be known and respected and revered and other adjectives but I am also scared.


I know its just the pressure of what I do and how I live. There is a distinct pressure to have everything together younger than before, I blame the internet and the rise of Justin Bieber for this. (DAMN YOU BIEBER)
I joke but I also don’t. If you think about it logically when you are 20 you are literally at the beginning of life, most of what has come before you was compulsory and you have are only just starting to make your own decisions. Why the rush to reach the finish line? After all as my dad always says ‘Its in the journey Yinkous’.

Worrying is one of the easiest and one of the most pointless things you can do, of course everyone else seems to have all of their stuff together, everyone always seems more sophisticated, more successful and sexier than you, but do you know how much time you waste worrying? A LOT Even as I am typing this I am worrying that I won’t have it ready in time to post today and then all of my Monday references will be pointless

I have never figured out how to conquer the whole worrying thing, so if you do let me know and teach me how, please?


My dad has always said that competition is a healthy thing, it keeps you fighting, keeps you hungry and makes you work just that little bit harder. My dad didn’t grow up in a world where you can see exactly how well everyone else is doing at the touch of a button. He also didn’t work in music (he is an academic) so I do have to take this with a pinch of salt. Although he does have a point. The prize wouldnt seem so delicious if no one was after it, but how are you supposed to compete with a 16 year old that has 7million Youtube subscribers?


Your not.. (Its impossible, they’re anomalies)


I have learnt that focusing on other people whether it be their achievements or failures is always a way to waste time. No I am not a flower that the sun shines equally on, nor am I a tree with really deep roots and I am definitely not a carrot that has a small sprout but is large under the soil. I am a person, a person who, to a certain extent, is control of what happens to me (big shouts out to the bird that took a dump on my shoulder last week)


You know the one thing that I have seen that sets successful people aside from their not so successful counter parts? Making every day count. There are 365 of them (366 this year) and you can’t re-live any of them. Beyonce has the same 24hours as you!
Even if it is just planning something that happens at a different time, do something.
There is nothing worse than wasting more time wishing you had done something in the past to make today easier.


I just want to throw it out there and tell you that not knowing what you want to do is perfectly ok, and this isn’t coming to you from someone who has it all figured out. Ohh no. I’m just as much of a mess as you, probably more. Definitely more.


If you think this post is to prove to you how much I have my whole existence planned and figured out then you my friend are unfortunately (for me) mistaken. The thing is, if I did have to answer to success or peace of mind I think I would share it, but for now I have to believe in myself. I guess.yinka-ldn-30

Not knowing exactly what you want to do in your twenties isn’t a bad thing, you always hear stories of what Oprah was doing when she was 26 (not running a TV Network), how far J.K Rowling had to come at 30, about Harrison Ford and his late break, so how about we all take a step back and relax a smidge? Just imagine if you did ‘make it’ at 20 you will literally be spending the rest of your life trying not to mess it up.


We live in an age where it is truly becoming ok to be yourself. And I just want to take advantage of that.


So here is looking forward, to the dream job I am probably gonna get if I work hard enough, to the years to come where I still fret and worry about nothing because that is what I am programmed to do. Here is to (trying to) believe in myself.


I genuinely hope to be one of those fabulous velour-tracksuit wearing grans looking through old photos of myself laughing at how fat I thought I was and how incapable I feared I was.


Outfit details (because they were FIREEEE)

1. Jacket: HUNTER
Trainers: PUMA

2. Jacket: H&M
Trousers: ZARA

3. Poncho: H&M
Trainers: CONVERSE

Till next time ❤

13 thoughts on “twenty something

  1. Amazing amazing amazing
    I always love reading your work you are a wonderful girl
    You are going to go so far
    So much love your way
    Shirl x

  2. There is something ao understatedly beautiful about you
    You could do the whole silly girl shaking her bits on TV but you don’t, you are an inspiration to those who will come after you
    Don’t change Yinka

  3. I have been sitting at home today feeling terrible and this has really cheered me up, you’re someone I really look up to and to see that you think like I do!?
    Thank you for sharing seriously it has made my day
    Aneesha Brown xxxx

  4. I like the fact that she doesn’t deny wanting to be known but wants it to be for a reason, I know who you are it’s awesome what you do
    Just continue

  5. Read this on the train on the way to work this morning
    You have cheered me up a bit I am also in my twenties and feeling a bit confused and I dego motley don’t have it as togeyher as you, so for you to say that you struggle too? Thank you Bokinni


  6. Hey baby girl ,

    Read your recent post last night in bed after a very very strong spliff!!! Haha.

    I love it. Very brave and totally YOUR truth!! If you ever need me to proof read before you post, I am totally happy to do that ~ I only spotted a couple of teeny grammatical blips which no one else would have spotted ~ just me and my beady grammar eyes!!!


    Massive love to you xxxxx

    Sent from RWA mobile


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