Yinka Turns Twoooooo

Happy birthday to me! Yaayyy!

IMG_9502Ok well it isn’t my actual birthday, no that is in 7 days exactly and I am expecting gifts and cards and general good vibes, but yes it isn’t the actual day that I, Yinka Bokinni was born. No but it is my blog birthday!!! Which is just as cool if not as momentous!


So on this day two years ago I started YinkaBokinni.Com which for me is insane, I have never stuck at a hobby this long, let alone excelled at one; if you look around my room you will see numerous past attempts, but for some reason the blog has stuck. Yes I know thats because it is fun and I am good at it, I think.

IMG_9505I thought I would take this time to answer a few questions that I am asked often about this blog, and also I thought it was a good excuse to pose with some balloons and be awesome in general, before I forget I want to say thanks for reading my blog and here is to the next two years! (Champagne flute emoji)

Why did you start and why do you continue to blog?
I began YinkaBokinni.Com as a way to have a creative outlet. This i my personal space where anything goes, I love working for myself and developing ideas and I thought; what better way to do that than on something that is under my control? Well there really isn’t any better way to be honest. I continue because I still love it, I think that this website is unrecognisable from my first post to now, this is my diary.

How do you find inspiration for posts?
To be fair I think that if you have to SEARCH for inspiration to write a post then you shouldn’t be doing it. For me, personally; I take inspiration from an event or a time of year, I even draw inspiration from a particular item of clothing. What I am trying to say is that inspiration (for me) is everywhere, and when it isn’t there I don’t post, which explains why my blogging is quite sporadic.

What are your favourite posts?
I didn’t actually realise how many posts I had until I started thinking about the answer to this question, I love the posts where I worked with different photographers, DO NOT get me wrong, Josh is a bad man photographer but, different people capture different sides of me so that is always cool to see.
To make this answer easier on both of us, I have posted a few pics with links to my favourite posts below!

The time I got to design my own twoosie
The time I got to design my own twoosie

July 2015-
Shot by Josh

A day with Joshua Brathwaite
A day with Joshua Brathwaite

July 2015-
Shot By Joshua Brathwaite

Junkyard with Solomon
Junkyard with Solomon

June 2015-
Shot by Solomon Boyede


To be honest there are so man blogs that I love, I realised whilst singing these out. Obviously I couldn’t answer this question without adding my first ever post, my introduction into the world of blogging!

2February 2014-
Shot by Olufemi Bokinni

So there you have it, happy birthday to me, sort of.
Here is another pic of me with those lush balloons to say goodbye ❤

(Balloon) photos taken by Olufemi Bokinni of Olufemi Photography


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Stacey says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh perfect happy blog birthday

  2. Diana says:

    I can not believe It has been that long
    Two years is a wonderful achievement and you should be proud of yourself
    Lots of love
    Diana x

  3. Jerem says:


  4. Carla Daniels says:

    I absolutely crush on your blog since the beginning, I al looking forward to lots more posts xx Carla

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