I love Sundays in London (I am aware that today is Monday and therefore me telling you that I love Sundays may seem a bit random), the reason I love Sundays is because the busiest places are oddly still. Sunday is the one day that things slow down a bit, and not only do you get to enjoy places which are usually chocka; you (or I) get to take photos in beautiful places which are usually a no no..

These photos were taken just near Warren Street Station which is one of the busiest places during the week so advantage had to be taken of the lack of humans in suits running to their next meeting!


What is this awesome hairstyle Yinka? I hear you ask; it is a 13day old blow-dry. I’ve stopped washing my hair, I don’t know how long its gonna last but I’m liking it right now, I also don’t know why I have stopped blow-drying my hair, it could just be laziness.
I am gonna be taking a trip down braid lane pretty soon so I am just enjoying it while its out.



So I am wearing a Blitz Remix shirt dress which is super comfy and part of their re-worked vintage label, you can find out more about them here

Jacket: C&A and Yinka’s staple
Boots: Public Desire and madly comfortable

DSC_0043Photos taken by the baddest man on the block (Josh) who has started to want credit for the photos that he takes, simply because he has realised that he has a natural flare for it.
Have a look at the rest below (:


                                                                             ALL Of The Poses
                                                                       Afro Flavoured Candy Floss
                                                      Working With The Wind Not Against It
                                                                       Casgh Cazsh Casj? Blah

P.S I am all for acronyms but I do not understand why there is a ‘J’ on the end of casj, I mean yes I am an adult and I get it an dI accept it, but it just makes me feel weird. Casj doesn’t make me feel casual at all.
And on that note bye x

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sasha says:


  2. Gail says:

    Crazy cool post
    Love the short dress

  3. Julian says:

    This is a great outfit, absolutely lev the coat

  4. Anabelle says:

    Perfect hair, I know you say that you haven’t washed it in weeks but do you have a daily routine? I can’t believe you just wake up like that!

  5. Chancey says:


  6. Oroma R. R. says:

    The hair, the dress, the boots. I love everything Yinka!

    / O.R.R. – Life & Style Journal

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