The Lunchroom

We live in an age (lolz I feel like my mum when I say that) where most people if not everyone wants to go viral, we want what we produce to be seen by the masses. For our Twitter’s to pop, our Instagram’s to bang and our Youtube views to soar (or sizzle if we are continuing on the onomatopoeia vibe.)
On one hand this is a beautiful thing, it has taken the power of ‘fame’ out of the hands of the TV and film companies and put into those of the consumer (and the Kardashians); now ‘we’ decide what we want to see and when, but on the other it has created this incessant need to be liked, popular, famous even.


Personally, I am not a fan of naked pics posted online to appease the masses nor am I a fan of self righteous posts shaming those who flaunt it. I know what you’re thinking ‘How does it feel up there on that fence Yinka?’ ‘Have the spokes become sore yet?’ I won’t lie; I carefully choose my filters and get excited when I add a new ‘K’ to my instagram follower count. We are all (well most of us anyway) addicted to constantly updating the world on our lives, we (yet again most of us, one of my 4 sisters doesn’t have Instagram and couldn’t care less) have become obsessed with  what others think of us, well we have always been obsessed but now we have a tool which measures just how much we are liked. And everyone (well everyone I know at least) wants to be liked.

Instagram reminds me of the lunchroom in school; the popular kids, the not so popular kids, the kids who didn’t really care about lunch because they were too busy smoking weed around the corner of the PE supply shed.
I don’t think anything has changed since then, we have just found a new lunchroom and it is in the apps that most of us check first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
I refuse to believe that I am the only one who is guilty of scrolling through the pages of strangers, comparing my life to theirs. Yes, I have had to check myself once or twice and remind myself that what other people are up to is generally none of my business. Yes they have chosen to post it, but why do I have to buy into it? Yeah, you guessed it, I don’t. You don’t.


I do believe that social media, while bringing the world a little closer has made us believe that we have a say in what other people do. My parents always taught me to keep my nose out of other people business, but that isn’t exactly possible in 2016 is it? We are constantly seeing daily updates of peoples lives; their kids, their food; so much so, that it is now normal to expect people to share.
I work in an environment where the potential to be a known figure is a real thing, note that I didn’t say famous there! But yes, radio has the potential for tv and tv has the potential to make you a very well known person, and who wouldn’t want that?

A lot of people I know, myself include; use social media as a way to advertise what we do. If you have a new video you tweet the link, post up an advert on Instagram, share it on your Facebook, but what about when we are not selling?
It isn’t all love hearts and unicorn emojis, When you put yourself out there, be it for ‘the likes’ or for the love of what you do, you open yourself up to all different kinds of attention. Just scroll through the comments of some of the celebrities you follow and have a look at the scary things written there. It is enough to make you realise that the grass isn’t always greener, it may be a little more groomed, but their are people sitting in it, judging your every move.

There is a saying ‘Purpose Over Popularity’ which springs to mind while writing this, I first heard it on a youtube video in 2013, and it has always stuck with me. Not because I want to tattoo it on my body and let everyone know I am ‘well deep’ but because I really don’t want to be someone who is just known for no reason. Yes I want people to listen to my show and read my blog and buy into (in a sense) who I am, but sometimes I wonder; in trying to be successful in an internet age, am I just another kid pining for a seat at the popular table?

N.B Part of me resents myself for hoping loads of people read this, but hey; thats why I’m writing right?

Shoot me haha.

5 thoughts on “The Lunchroom

  1. Brilliant post! I agree with you completely especially about slipping sometimes by comparing yourself to others i do that and then im like ‘hold on im not them and nor do i want to be’ lol x

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