Fashion Fixx

It has been a while since I have posted an outfit up on here and I have many good reasons as to why this is the case.

The first reason being the most obvious: It was Christmas, and like most of us, I was feeling particularly lazy. Also once January started, the New year hit me like it truly hated me and work has been busy. Now I like being busy, frankly I feel that I am not busy enough, I like the idea of collapsing into bed at night because you’ve been awake for 20hrs and have to do it all again (I also accept that I am strange) but it does mean that I haven’t had the time I would like to concentrate on the old blog. There are however, a few drafts waiting for their time to shine!
So that brings us up to date, and you have accepted my (lame) excuse, so now let me show you what I am wearing, this is after all a Fashion Fixx (Yes Fixx).. Because that is of course why you are here.


Yeah I know it was worth the wait huh? (My modesty is despicable)
So the shirt is from Blitz. Now let me tell you a little bit about my love affair with Blitz; It is a vintage shop just off of Brick Lane in East London and literally around the corner from my radio studio. Now you could get lost in there, its massive it has everything you could want in a vintage store and also its own line of BlitzRemix, where they reinvent old pieces.



DSC_0130Now you will probably hate me when I tell you that I got these high wasted jeans from Primark for Β£4 on sale. Haha!
The shoes are from a lovely company called Pretty Small Shoes who specialise in hand making shoes for women who have itty bitty feet. Have a look at their site here

Have a look at the awesome photos below, taken by my resident photographer and boyfriend Joshua

'Is My Bun Still There?'
‘Is My Bun Still There?’
What Camera?
Do You Still Hate Me? Β£4 You Know!
Ralph On Dat Shirt Yeah


Here is to it being the last week of January FINALLY! I can’t be the only one who thinks this month has gone on long enough!


7 thoughts on “Fashion Fixx

  1. Yes I have said this time and time again
    You are a massive inspiration to me, your blog and your radio show
    I just wish you would do tv work too
    Alice xx

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