First (working) Week Of The Year

The first week (after that delicious 10 day Christmas break) back to work is done and I am proud and surprised to find that I have made it to the other side intact.
I am sitting on my bed wearing yesterdays mascara (and breath) thinking about the ever looming and ever dreaded Monday morning.

Last night I failed at Dry January, to be fair I wasn’t even doing Dry Jan but I hadn’t drank since NYE so I still feel a bit of a failure tbh. On a side note: I quite dislike the concept of Dry January (I was going to write hate but it seemed a bit aggressive) I really don’t think that I should be judged by my more alcoholic friends because they have decided to quit for a month, its annoying the amount of lime and sodas I see people drinking. And even though Dry Jan is supposed to be a choice I am still looked down upon for ordering some of the good stuff when I know they all wish they were me!
dtinking So I feel a bit of a failure, not that I didn’t have a good time, I had a great time in fact. I had such a good time that I am dreading tomorrow morning, and I never dread work. I love my job! There is one tiny potential downside though which currently, whilst I am laying in my bed and trying to summon the energy to brush my teeth seems like a very scary thing; I have to wake up at 4.30am. Eeek.

On Monday I woke up before my alarm feeling sassy.
So after a nice long shower, a catch up of Jeremy Kyle and picking a super cool outfit for work (things that I rarely get to do when I usually wake up) I was ready, my radio show was awesome, I required no coffee; I know you are wondering where I am going with this but this is where it changes. I returned home after my show, dead. Gone. Out for the count.
The earlier energy had completely gone and I was left with nothing, I slept for most of Monday afternoon and I woke up angry, I was so vexed. One whole day wasted; not good enough. I am the kind of person who hates wasting time so this is my idea of a disaster. So on Tuesday I forced myself to say awake, I did have a photoshoot which made it easier. Falling asleep while on set isn’t the most professional thing. But my problems weren’t at the shoot; I have been trying this new thing where I don’t drink 3 Red Bulls per show and I have a smoothie instead, apparently fruit is refreshing and Red Bull will give me wings which will help me fly to an early grave, so I am trying. Tuesdays smoothie blend consisted of banana, spinach, blueberries and strawberries. Yes it was delicious but when it hit 9 o’clock the sugar high either peaked or came to an end and I was all over the place. Another fail.

Queue wednesday, notoriously difficult for those of us who work a 5 day week, Wednesday is the middle of the road, no mans land and I was feeling it. Winter, for me anyway, is a time when you indulge in stews and breads and custard. Well traditionally anyway, but I am trying to treat my temple well and remain almost as sassy as I was in the summer so I had to put the custard down. I realised by Wednesday that I was starving and that salad just isn’t practical when it is 4degrees outside and raining.

Thursday and Friday flew by in a blur of meetings and website redesigning (how do you like my new lay out by the way?) and by the end of it I felt exhausted, its not like this week had been busier than ones in general, although for the first one of the year it has been surprisingly productive. So that leads us to Saturday, which was incredible. Last night I went to an LCM party, LCM is the equivalent of Fashion week but mainly shows mens fashion. I ended up in Voodoo Rays in Dalston dancing to old school garage eating pizza and drinking espresso martinis having the time of my life really.

I Googled my name (please don't tell me I am the only one who does that) and found this photo of me at last nights ever which defo helps to animate my story.
I Googled my name (please don’t tell me I am the only one who does that) and found this photo of me at last nights event which defo helps to animate my story.

So what have I learnt this week? New Years Reolutions suck haha.
No but seriously , There is no point in putting all of your aspirations into one basket just for the eggs to break, or something like that.

Yes set small goals, no don’t starve yourself in the name of fitting into a size 8 pair of jeans, or decide that because you have to stop drinking because everyone else does!
Am I looking forward to getting back to work? Yes sure, I have a great week of shows planned and a busy schedule in general which makes me happy.
I hope you have enjoyed my weekly rundown (: and I hope you have a great second week of January x

3 thoughts on “First (working) Week Of The Year

  1. Very well written! I can’t believe how early you wake up that is dedication and that is why your show is so good

    Mollie x

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